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in, within, among, between, at

kaa.Dh me.n yaa daa.Dh me.n

man me.n

aa.D me.n

behind, under cover, in ambush, under the pretence of

tiin me.n na terah me.n

worthless, of no value, nondescript

gha.Dii me.n

vaaqe' me.n

in fact, in reality, really, actually, in point of fact

me.n ji.Dnaa

aaGaaz me.n

at the beginning

man me.n ha.nsnaa

maa.n khet me.n puut janet me.n

dam me.n haazir dam me.n Gaa.ib

baadiyurraa.e me.n

numaa.ish me.n

nii.nd me.n

haa.D-haa.D me.n

dil yaaro.n me.n ek chaukiidaaro.n me.n

gha.Dii me.n tola gha.Dii me.n maashaa

gha.Dii me.n maashaa gha.Dii me.n tola


egotism, vanity, arrogance

gha.Dii me.n kuchh gha.Dii me.n kuchh

gha.Dii me.n auliyaa gha.Dii me.n bhuut

a saint at a moment and devil at next, someone whose attitude is unreliable or changeable

vaaqa'ii me.n

in reality, in fact

baadiyunnazar me.n

at first sight or glance, prima facie, to all appearances, apparently

savaabiq me.n


nazdiik me.n

man me.n aanaa

man me.n aanaa

man me.n samaanaa

man me.n bichaarnaa

man me.n Duubnaa

man me.n aanaa

come into the mind, occur to one, (an idea) to strike, have an idea or urge

man me.n laanaa

chhalnii me.n Daal chhaaj me.n u.Daanaa

buraa.ii baGal me.n KHuubaa.ii baat me.n

lene me.n nahii.n dene me.n nahii.n

do me.n na chaar me.n

sone me.n suhaaga motiyo.n me.n dhaaga

hazaaro.n me.n

in public, openly, publicly

sannaaTo.n me.n

zaraa me.n auliyaa zaraa me.n bhuut

hazaaraa.n me.n

bichh.DaaT me.n sapa.Dnaa

man hii man me.n

in one's heart of hearts, quietly

madd me.n

Gusse me.n

faraaGat me.n

at one's ease, leisure etc

jhag.Do.n me.n pa.Dnaa

haal me.n qaal dahii me.n muusal

bhaa.D me.n jaa.e

bhaa.D me.n jho.nknaa

cha.Dhnaa me.n bha.Daknaa

la.Dtii me.n pa.Dnaa

chithaa.D me.n pa.Dnaa

kha.Daag me.n pa.Dnaa

jhag.De me.n pa.Dnaa

kiicha.D me.n ga.Dnaa

talvaaro.n me.n chho.Dnaa

fiqro.n me.n u.Daanaa

guuda.D me.n gindo.Daa

Meaning ofSee meaning me.n in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Sanskrit

Vazn : 2

Tags: Utensil

English meaning of me.n

Noun, Feminine, Preposition

Noun, Feminine, Preposition

  • the sound of a goat

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में के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग, पूर्वसर्ग

  • के अंदर, दरमियान, बीच
  • का
  • पर
  • से
  • अधिकरण कारक चिह्न
  • भीतर
  • के लिए, के वास्ते
  • क़रीब, पास, की ओर
  • मूल्य सीमा बतलाना
  • किसी भाव में अंतःस्थिति का सूचक

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग, पूर्वसर्ग

  • बकरी के बोलने की आवाज़

میں کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث، حرف جار

  • اندر، بھیتر (ظرف زماں اور مکاں دونوں کے لیے مستعمل)
  • درمیان، بیچ
  • کو
  • کی جانب، کی سمت، قریب، پاس
  • پر
  • سے
  • کا
  • کے لیے، کے واسطے

اسم، مؤنث، حرف جار

  • بکری کے بولنے کی آواز

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