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me.n Thaan.naa

dil me.n Thaan.naa

set one's heart on, make a resolve

jii me.n Thaan.naa

baat dil me.n Thaannaa

dil me.n baat Thaan.naa

dil me.n Than.naa

dil me.n Thannaa

baat dil me.n Than.naa

dil me.n baat Thaa.nnaa

la.Daa.ii Thaan.naa

be determined to fight, make quarrel, to enmity

Thaan.naa Thaan.naa

dil par Thaan.naa

dil pe Thaan.naa

mataa Thaan.naa

baat Thaan.naa

maslahat Thaan.naa

KHaraabii Thaan.naa

mansuuba Thaan.naa

aage se Thaan.naa

predetermine, prejudge

jii uupar Thaan.naa

marne kii Thaan.naa


make up one's mind, resolve, determine, be intent on, set one's heart upon

tiin me.n na terah me.n, nau me.n na baa.iis me.n

kaa.Dh me.n yaa daa.Dh me.n

man me.n basii , siine me.n dha.nsii

aa.D me.n

behind, under cover, in ambush, under the pretence of

man me.n sheKH fariid , baGal me.n ii.nTe.n

tiin me.n na terah me.n

worthless, of no value, nondescript

man me.n

vaaqe' me.n

in fact, in reality, really, actually, in point of fact

gha.Dii me.n

zauq me.n shauq nafa' me.n la.Dkaa

dam me.n haazir dam me.n Gaa.ib

Dha.nDoraa shahr me.n la.Dkaa baGal me.n

said when something one has been looking for is found right under one's nose

god me.n la.Dkaa shahr me.n Dha.nDoraa

zauq me.n shauq dastuurii me.n bachcha

gha.Dii me.n tola gha.Dii me.n maashaa

gha.Dii me.n maashaa gha.Dii me.n tola

la.Dko.n me.n la.Dkaa, buu.Dho.n me.n buu.Dhaa

gha.Dii me.n kuchh gha.Dii me.n kuchh

dil yaaro.n me.n ek chaukiidaaro.n me.n

me.n ji.Dnaa

gha.Dii me.n auliyaa gha.Dii me.n bhuut

a saint at a moment and devil at next, someone whose attitude is unreliable or changeable

maa.n khet me.n puut janet me.n

tiin me.n, na terah me.n

aaGaaz me.n

at the beginning

javaanii me.n tasbiih , bu.Dhaape me.n kasbii

Dha.nDoraa shahr me.n bachcha baGal me.n

said when something one has been looking for is found right under one's nose

god me.n bachcha shahr me.n Dha.nDoraa

chhalnii me.n Daal chhaaj me.n u.Daanaa

haa.D-haa.D me.n

buraa.ii baGal me.n KHuubaa.ii baat me.n

shaliitaa me.n meKH lashkar me.n sheKH

lene me.n nahii.n dene me.n nahii.n

dard KHuraasaa.n me.n , daaruu hindostaan me.n

zaat me.n turk , baaje me.n hu.Duk

vaaqa'ii me.n

in reality, in fact

sone me.n suhaaga motiyo.n me.n dhaaga

do me.n na chaar me.n

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me.n Thaan.naa

में ठाननाمیں ٹھان٘نا

में ठानना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • दिल में कोई बात तै कर लेना, पुख़्ता इरादा कर लेना, अज़म करना

میں ٹھان٘نا کے اردو معانی


  • دل میں کوئی بات طے کرلینا ، پختہ ارادہ کرلینا، عزم کرنا،

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me.n Thaan.naa

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