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do ko.Dii ko na puuchhnaa

kau.Dii ko na puuchhnaa

regard as of no value or unworthy of notice

dam.Dii ko na puuchhnaa

do ko.Dii kaa na rakhnaa

Take ko na puuchhnaa

do kau.Dii kii haisiyyat na honaa

do ko.Dii kaa

worth two cowries, worthless

haath se ko.Dii ke do ber bhii na khaanaa

paisaa na kau.Dii baazaar ko dau.Dii

kau.Dii kafan ko na rakhnaa

kau.Dii kafan ko na honaa

be penniless, have no money

do ko.Dii kaa karnaa

kau.Dii kafan ko lagaa na rakhnaa

jhuuTo.n na puuchhnaa

do not show even a hypocritical concern, not to care for someone, be callous to someone

mizaaj jhuuTo.n na puuchhnaa

na puuchhnaa

dishonor, ignore

do ko.Dii kii shaan kar denaa

aadhii baat na puuchhnaa

jhuuTo.n baat na puuchhnaa

bhuulo.n bhii na puuchhnaa

Take me.n na puuchhnaa

kau.Dii ke do-do biknaa

baat na puuchhnaa

to cold-shoulder someone, not to entertain, show no regard (for)

kutto.n ko duu.n par tujhe na duu.n

do din na paka.Dnaa

jhuuTe mu.nh bhii na puuchhnaa

nasiibo.n ko du'aa do

baat tak na puuchhnaa

baat bhii na puuchhnaa

do kau.Dii kii aabruu rahnaa

kau.Dii jo.D ke na rakhnaa

do kau.Dii kii 'izzat ho jaanaa

'izzat do kau.Dii kii ho jaanaa

do kau.Dii kii baat kar denaa

disgrace, cause disgrace

KHudaa ganje ko panje na de

do buu.nd ko tarasnaa

mu.nh ko lagaam do

shut up, keep your mouth shut, hold your tongue

do daane ko phirnaa

beg from door to door

KHudaa ganje ko naaKHun na de

a great fortune in the hands of a fool is a great misfortune

do-do daane ko phirnaa

naam ko na chho.Dnaa

paas ko.Dii na baazaar lekhaa

do Tuk.De khaane ko milnaa

kahii na do

kau.Dii kii na rahnaa

kau.Dii kii aamad na honaa

do me.n na chaar me.n

bhuul kar baat na puuchhnaa

lenaa ek na denaa do

having nothing to do (with)

yak na shud do shud

one misfortune on the heels of another

laakh do laakh kii parvaa na karnaa

kau.Dii kau.Dii ko muhtaaj honaa

To be pinched for every cowrie, to be in great distress, to be reduced to a beggary.

aabruu do kau.Dii kii ho jaanaa

na din ko din samjhaa , na raat ko raat

KHudaa dushman ko na dikhaa.e

davaa ko na milnaa

denaa ek na lenaa do

kau.Dii kaam kaa na rakhnaa

kau.Dii kaam kaa na honaa

be good-for-nothing, be of no use or worthless

gard ko na pahu.nchaa

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do ko.Dii ko na puuchhnaa

दो कोड़ी को न पूछ्नाدو کوڑی کو نَہ پُوچْھنا


دو کوڑی کو نَہ پُوچْھنا کے اردو معانی


  • بالکل قدر نہ کرنا ، ذرا خاطر میں نہ لانا ، بالکل نہ پوچھنا .

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do ko.Dii ko na puuchhnaa

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