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jaataa rahnaa

(of something) to be devastated, to go away entirely, to be gone for good, to pass away, to vanish, be missing, be lost, disappear

jaatii rahnaa

jaate rahnaa

jiite rahnaa

be considered dead while alive (an expression of displeasure and snapping of all ties)

jiitaa rahnaa

to remain or continue alive, to enjoy a long life

jutaa rahnaa

remain very busy or involved, work very hard

vuzuu jaataa rahnaa

breaking one's ablutions

valvala jaataa rahnaa

duudh jaataa rahnaa

varam jaataa rahnaa

swelling to heal

mazaa jaataa rahnaa

hosh jaataa rahnaa

rozgaar jaataa rahnaa jaataa rahnaa

varam utar jaataa rahnaa

ghar jaataa rahnaa

yaanaa jaataa rahnaa

gila jaataa rahnaa

malaal jaataa rahnaa

biij jaataa rahnaa

hausala jaataa rahnaa

sakat jaataa rahnaa

ghar se jaataa rahnaa

haath se jaataa rahnaa

be helpless

kaam se jaataa rahnaa

dil haath se jaataa rahnaa

mizaaj haath se jaataa rahnaa

putliyo.n se nuur jaataa rahnaa

apne haath suu.n ape jaataa rahnaa

dast-o-paa kii quvvat jaatii rahnaa

Gusse me.n 'aql jaatii rahnaa

'aql-o-hosh jaate rahnaa

'izzat jaatii rahnaa

baa.Dh jaatii rahnaa

ha.Dak jaatii rahnaa

hosh-o-havaas jaate rahnaa

'aql jaatii rahnaa

sudh-budh jaatii rahnaa

baaqii havaas bhii jaate rahnaa

biinaa.ii jaatii rahnaa

havaa jaatii rahnaa

havaas jaate rahnaa

be stunned or taken aback, lose presence of mind

raushnii jaatii rahnaa

hosh jaate rahnaa

lose one's senses, become confounded

namaaz jaatii rahnaa

humaayuu.n jaatii rahnaa

aa.nkh jaatii rahnaa

to lose one's eyesight

ha.nslii jaatii rahnaa

tabii'at haath se jaatii rahnaa

aabruu jaatii rahnaa

laTak jaatii rahnaa

jaan jaatii rahnaa

mat jaatii rahnaa

be out of one's wits, lose one's senses, become confused, act foolishly due to confusion

barkat jaatii rahnaa

aas jaatii rahnaa

(hope) to recede, lose hope, be disappointed, lose heart, despair, abandon

ausaan jaate rahnaa

be stunned or taken aback, stand aghast, lose presence of mind, become rattled or very disconcerted, lose calm, be alarmed, be greatly perturbed or worried

sakat jaatii rahnaa

saakh jaatii rahnaa

lose credit or goodwill

aap se jaate rahnaa

bhuuk pyaas jaatii rahnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning jaataa rahnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

jaataa rahnaa

जाता रहनाجاتا رَہْنا


Root word: jaataa

Tags: Colloquial

English meaning of jaataa rahnaa

  • (of something) to be devastated, to go away entirely, to be gone for good, to pass away, to vanish, be missing, be lost, disappear
  • to pass away, die

जाता रहना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • (किसी चीज़ का) नष्ट-भ्रष्ट हो जाना, मिट जाना, बाक़ी न रहना
  • (किसी चीज़ का) खो जाना, (किसी का जगह छोड़कर) चला जाना
  • मर जाना, दुनिया से चले जाना
  • टूट जाना, ख़त्म हो जाना (रोज़ा आदि)
  • लगातार जाना, बार-बार जाना
  • नितांत दूर हो जाना, चले जाना
  • बाक़ी न रहना
  • जाया करना

جاتا رَہْنا کے اردو معانی

  • (کسی چیز کا) نیست نابود ہو جانا، مٹ جانا، باقی نہ رہنا
  • (کسی چیز کا) گم ہو جانا، (کسی کا جگہ چھوڑ کر) چلا جانا
  • مر جانا، وفات پانا
  • ٹوٹ جانا، ختم ہو جانا (روزہ وغیرہ)
  • متواتر جانا، بار بار جانا
  • باکل دور ہو جانا، دفع ہو جانا
  • باقی نہ رہنا
  • جایا کرنا

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jaataa rahnaa

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