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burning like a coal, red, hot, extremely red

a.ngaaraa honaa

be extremely angry, to be in fury

angaaraa ban.naa




ترکی بکری یا خرگوش کی پشم سے بناہوا کپڑا-.


heated charcoals,live coals, fire, firebrand, cinders, sparks


first imprint, incomplete impression


a breed of goat that has long soft hair


of the colour of grape, relating to grape, grapy, made of grape,


hard soil which is inhospitable to plants

stretching of limbs due to drowsiness, boredom or tiredness


fiery mirror, (met.) the mirror reflecting the beloved's illumined reflection


very red, red-hot, fiery

angaare kaa kii.Daa


zabaan par a.ngaaraa rakh denaa

put live coal, etc. on the tongue, punish severely, give very painful punishment

aa.nkhe.n a.ngaaraa ban jaanaa

jal kar a.ngaaraa honaa

a.ngaare phaa.nknaa

a.ngaare khaanaa

be jealous, be extremely angry with jealousy

a.ngaare ugalnaa

talk angrily and sarcastically, breathe fire

a.ngaare barasnaa

(of weather) to be excessively hot to.Dnaa

mu.nh laal angaaraa ban.naa

mu.nh laal angaaraa honaa

giddho.n ko anguurii baaG

To cast pearls before swine.

kavvo.n ko a.nguurii baaG

dozaKH kaa a.ngaara

gadhe ko a.nguurii baaG

yaar karuu.n pyaar karuu.n, chuuta.D tale angaare dharuu.n, jal jaa.e to kyaa karuu.n

jo aag khaa.egaa vo angaare hagegaa

blood will have blood, a bad deed will bring its own punishment

jo aag khaa.egaa vo angaare hagegaa

jo aag khaa.egaa vo angaare uglegaa

jo aag khaa.egaa vo angaare uglegaa

blood will have blood, a bad deed will bring its own punishment

qabr me.n a.ngaare bharnaa

mu.nh me.n a.ngaara

baaruud khaanaa angaare ugalnaa

gor me.n a.ngaare bharnaa

jo aag khaa.egaa angaare hagegaa

apnii gor me.n a.ngaare bharnaa

commit a great sin

peT me.n a.ngaare bharnaa

amass wealth by unfair means

kor a.ngaare bharnaa

apas goro.n angaare bharnaa

chor ko a.ngaare miiTh

baaruut khaanaa angaare ugalnaa

haath par angaara rakhnaa

aag khaanaa a.ngaare hagnaa

like cause like effect, as you sow so shall you reap, what goes around comes around, sow the wind reap the whirlwind

mu.nh se a.ngaare barasnaa

khaanaa khaa kar le.n to khaayaa piyaa kutte ke peT me.n chalaa jaa.egaa

Meaning ofSee meaning a.ngaaraa in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Sanskrit

Vazn : 222

See meaning: a.ngaara

English meaning of a.ngaaraa


  • burning like a coal, red, hot, extremely red

Noun, Masculine

Sher Examples

अँगारा के हिंदी अर्थ


  • अंगारे की तरह गर्म या लाल, अत्यधिक लाल

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • दहकता हुआ कोयला, आग का जलता हुआ टुकड़ा जो चिंगारी से बड़ा होता है

اَنگارا کے اردو معانی


  • انگارے کی طرح گرم یا لال، نہایت سرخ

اسم، مذکر

  • دہکتا ہوا کوئلہ، آگ کا جلتا ہوا ٹکڑا جوچنگاری سے بڑا ہوتا ہے

Compound words of a.ngaaraa

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