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vaqt haath se na denaa

not letting a chance go

haath se na denaa

haath se na jaane denaa

humaayuu.n ko haath se na denaa

mauqa' haath se na dena

not to let slip an opportunity

vaqt haath se jaanaa

of an opportunity to skip past

baa.e.n haath se denaa

mauqa' haath se denaa

an opportunity to pass away, or escape, or be lost

haath se denaa

give up, lose

haath ko haath sujhaa.ii na denaa

be pitch-dark

haath na lagaane denaa

haath se jaane denaa

haath se kho denaa

haath se taal denaa

haath se na jaanaa

haath se ko.Dii ke do ber bhii na khaanaa

KHudaa ne apne haath se jo.Dii banaa.ii hai

haath se qalam rakh denaa

KHaak paa.o.n se na lagne denaa

allaah ne apne haath se banaayaa hai

words of praise for a beautiful person

haath se sipar Daal denaa

kisii chiiz par haath na rakhne denaa

jaan jaa.e KHaraabii se haath na uThe rakaabii se

vaqt denaa

haath na pa.Dnaa

be out of one's reach

vaqt na rahnaa

vaqt na milnaa

vaqt haath aanaa

haatho.n se denaa

KHudaa ne apne haath se banaayaa hai

daana na ghaas, paanii chha chha vaqt

haath se chho.Dnaa

haath jhaa.D denaa

haath kau.Dii na baazaar lekhaa

vaqt kaaTe na kaTnaa

for time not to pass at all, or pass time in anxiety

mauqa' haath na aanaa

not having the appropriate time

mu.nh saa kaaT kar haath par dhar denaa

go.Dii haath se jaanaa

haath phe.D denaa

haath pak.Daa denaa

haath na pahu.nchnaa


occasionally, without any stated time, at all times

haath cham.De kaa na lagaanaa

haath cham.De kaa na lagaa

haath haath me.n denaa

haath me.n haath pak.Daa denaa

haath-paa.o.n se chhu.Daanaa

zindagaanii se haath dhonaa

to come to die

haath se tote uu.Dnaa

haath se tote u.Dnaa

haath ko haath na maa'luum honaa

chhaa.o.n na denaa

havaa na denaa

let no one know, keep hidden


give away a woman in marriage

haath baa.ndh denaa

diivaane se aa.nkh na milaa.iye

so.nTaa se haath

(of a woman) bare arms, arms without bangles

vaqt pe dhokaa denaa

zannaaTe-daar haath denaa

vaqt se piichhe rah jaanaa

Meaning of vaqt haath se na denaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

vaqt haath se na denaa

वक़्त हाथ से न देनाوَقت ہاتھ سے نَہ دینا

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English meaning of vaqt haath se na denaa


  • not letting a chance go
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वक़्त हाथ से न देना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मौक़ा ना खोना, मौक़ा ना जाने देना

وَقت ہاتھ سے نَہ دینا کے اردو معانی


  • ۔موقع نہ کھونا۔
  • موقع نہ کھونا ، موقع نہ جانے دینا

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