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in pain

dekhne dikhaane ke

dekhne kii tarah dekhnaa

shaam dekhnaa na dopahar dekhnaa

mu.Dchiraa-pan dakhaanaa

mu.Dchi.Daa-pan dakhaanaa

murchu.Daa-pan dikhaanaa

naa.D dekhnaa

lo.Daa dikhaanaa

ko.Daa dikhaanaa

dekhnaa pa.Dnaa

chuuta.D dikhaanaa

to turn tail

ta.Dap dikhaanaa

pa.Dat dekhnaa

naa.Dii dekhnaa

dekhnaa dikhaanaa

phapa.D dalaale dikhaanaa

muqayyad dekhnaa

nasheb-o-faraaz dekhnaa

heka.Dii dikhaanaa

daa.e.n baa.e.n dekhnaa

be vigilant or careful

giida.D bhabkii dikhaanaa

mu.D mu.D ke dekhnaa

mu.D mu.D kar dekhnaa

turn round and look again and again

jhaa.D pachho.D kar dekhnaa

sho'bada dikhaanaa

sho'bada dekhnaa

sho'bade dekhnaa

sho'bade dikhaanaa

shaan-daarii dikhaanaa

dar-o-diivaar dekhnaa

look anxiously around

apnii e.Dii-choTii dekhnaa

qadmo.n kaa dekhnaa

sub.h dekhnaa na shaam diikhnaa

dam qadam dekhnaa

kha.Daa karke dikhaanaa

thumb showing in response to asking for something, deny clearly

mu.D kar dekhnaa

dahne baa.ii.n dekhnaa

aarsii-mus.haf dekhnaa

muqaddar kaa dikhaanaa

to get something by luck,

aarsii-mus.haf dikhaanaa

masiihaa.ii dikhaanaa

to cure the patient, to save the dying

dillii dikhaanaa

go.ndaa dikhaanaa

darshan dikhaanaa

apnii e.Dii dekhnaa

looking at the heel (spoken on an occasion when wishing to forestall or remove the effect of evil eye or black magic)

tavajjoh se dekhnaa

gaav zoriyaa.n dikhaanaa

Te.Dhii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

diide phaa.D-phaa.D kar dekhnaa

nazar ga.Do ga.Do kar dekhnaa

aa.nkhe.n phaa.D phaa.D kar dekhnaa

gaze, look wide-eyed in astonishment, observe avidly

duniyaa kaa nasheb-o-faraaz dekhnaa

qadam dekhnaa

nazre.n dikhaanaa

andaaz dikhaanaa

be a coquette

daaG dikhaanaa

qai.nchii dikhaanaa

to clip, to trim (beard etc.)

qadam dikhaanaa

to show the paces (of), (colloq.) to make tracks, to be off, go away

daaG dekhnaa

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Vazn : 22

English meaning of dukhnii

  • in pain

Noun, Feminine

  • an afflicted woman

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दुखनी के हिंदी अर्थ

  • दर्द में, तकलीफ़ में

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • हि० 'दुखिया' का स्त्री

دُکْھنی کے اردو معانی

  • درد میں، تکلیف میں

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