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vaqt vaqt kaa raag hai

the situation is suitable according to circumstances

vaqt-vaqt kaa raag achchhaa hotaa hai

everything is good according to its situation and circumstances

raag bhii apne vaqt kaa achchhaa hotaa hai

vaqt kaa raag

be-vaqt kaa raag

something untimely or inopportune, an untimely remark

vaqt kaa Gulaam aur vaqt hii kaa baadshaah

vaqt vaqt kii baat hai

it's the vicissitudes of time!

vaqt vaqt kaa

temporal, of or related to an epoch

vaqt par ronaa be vaqt kii ha.nsii se achchhaa hotaa hai

to.D kaa vaqt

crisis, critical point or time

qadr kho detaa hai har vaqt kaa aanaa jaanaa

zavaal kaa vaqt

time after the noon when the Sun is at the decline

vaqt kaa taqaazaa

charaaGo.n kaa vaqt

dhu.ndalke kaa vaqt

vaqt kaa ziyaa.n

waste of time

vaqt kii KHuubii hai

(sarc.) it's our fortune!

faziilat kaa vaqt

mo'taad kaa vaqt

vaqt kaa

of or relating to time

jalve kaa vaqt

nikaa.ii kaa vaqt

maGrib kaa vaqt

time of sunset

vaqt kaa Gulaam

vaqt kaa paaband

punctual, disciplined

vaqt kaa dhaaraa

mainstream of life, requirements of time

vaqt kaa sikandar

vaqt kaa kaarvaa.n guzarnaa

time passed out

vaqt par gaa.nTh kaa paisaa hii kaam aataa hai

vaqt vaqt kii raagnii

action as situation demands, acting according to situation

gaa.Dii kaa vaqt honaa

a.De vaqt kaa gahnaa

something valuable saved for a rainy day

vaqt guzre piichhe 'aql aatii hai

vaqt hai

vaqt par gadhe ko baap banaanaa pa.Dtaa hai

vaqt ke vaqt

on the spot, at the pivotal moment

daqiyaanuus ke vaqt kaa

antiquated, outdated, archaic, very old, ancient

vaqt ke baadshaah hai.n

(sarcasm) extremely carefree, careless

ga.De pa.De vaqt kaa Tuk.Daa

nuur-e-zuhuur kaa vaqt

the daybreak, dawn

gire pa.De vaqt kaa Tuk.Daa

charaaG battii kaa vaqt

time for lighting lamps, late evening, gloaming, dusk

baavaa aadam ke vaqt kaa

out of the ark, very old, obsolete, out of date

vaqt kaa ronaa be-vaqt kii ha.nsii se achchhaa

zaruurat ke vaqt gadhe ko baap banaanaa pa.Dtaa hai

jalaal kaa vaqt

basere kaa vaqt

roosting time

maut kaa vaqt

nuur kaa vaqt

apne vaqt kaa

gajar kaa vaqt

the time of dawn, morning, before sunrise

vaqt par sab kuchh karnaa pa.Dtaa hai

namaaz kaa vaqt jaanaa

vaqt kaa saath denaa

bure vaqt kaa shariik

namaaz kaa vaqt guzar jaanaa

yaasiin kaa vaqt

time of death

vaqt kaa marham

baat rah jaatii hai vaqt guzar jaataa hai

vaqt nahii.n rahtaa baat rah jaatii hai

difficulties get resolved with time, but people's harsh treatment is never forgotten

Meaning ofSee meaning vaqt vaqt kaa raag hai in English, Hindi & Urdu

vaqt vaqt kaa raag hai

वक़्त वक़्त का राग हैوَقت وَقت کا راگ ہے


English meaning of vaqt vaqt kaa raag hai


  • the situation is suitable according to circumstances
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वक़्त वक़्त का राग है के हिंदी अर्थ


  • जैसी परिस्थिति हो वैसी ही बात मुनासिब होती है

وَقت وَقت کا راگ ہے کے اردو معانی


  • جیسا موقع ہو ویسی ہی بات مناسب ہوتی ہے

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vaqt vaqt kaa raag hai

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