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pe.D pa.Dnaa

have pain, suffer

pe.D phudaknaa

pe.D lagaanaa

to plant trees or saplings

qadam kaa pe.D

chaa.ndnii kaa pe.D


tree, plant, shrub

ja.D pe.D suu.n uupaa.Dnaa

KHushke kaa pe.D

ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.Dnaa

ja.D pe.D

root and branch, the whole

aag kaa pe.D

tote kaa pe.D

KHas kaa pe.D

ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.D phe.nknaa

ja.D pe.D se ukhaa.D denaa

ja.D pe.D se

ja.D-pe.D kaaTnaa

ja.D-pe.D panapnaa

pe.D cha.Dhe yuu.n dikhaa.ii detaa hai

pe.D tale kaa bhutnaa

babuul ke pe.D bonaa

do something evil

pe.D gin.naa yaa aam khaanaa

gilahrii kaa Thikaanaa pe.D

tiin pe.D ke miyaa.n baaGbaan

tiin pe.D bakaayan ke miyaa.n baaGbaan

ja.D pe.D se khod kar phe.nk denaa

Dhaa.ii pe.D ke maa.n baaG me.n

aam khaa.o pe.D mat gino

Don't question your good fortune

aam khaane se Garaz yaa pe.D se

pe.D 'alii dhattaa jis kii ja.D hai na pattaa

tiin pe.D ke aur miyaa.n chale baaG me.n

chandan ke pe.D par naag kaa baseraa

aam khaane se Garaz rakho pe.D se nahii.n

enjoy the opportunity without being curious about details

pe.D bo.e babuul ke to aam kahaa.n se khaa.e

as you sow, so shall you reap, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

pe.D phal hii se pahchaanaa jaataa hai

a man is known by his deed

pe.D phal se hii pahchaanaa jaataa hai

pe.D se matlab hai yaa aam khaane se

eat the fruit, don't count the trees

diimak ke khaa.e pe.D, soch ke maare deh kisii kaam ke nahii.n rahte

pi.nD chho.Daanaa

pi.nD chhu.Daanaa

escape, avoid, get rid oneself of (evil, debt, etc.)

pa.Daa pa.D

the sound of one (stroke) after another, successive or repeated (strokes), whack-whack

pad pad me.n

peT me.n bal pa.D pa.D jaanaa

kii.De pa.D jaa.e.n

dha.De pa.D jaanaa

juftii pa.D pa.Dnaa

chau.Dii pa.D jaanaa

u.Daa pa.D jaanaa

ko.Dh pa.D jaanaa

ha.Dtaal pa.D jaanaa

vaqfa pa.D jaanaa

pa.D jaa.e.n patthar

gha.Do.n paanii pa.D jaanaa

vaqt pa.D jaanaa

zard pa.D jaanaa

maa.nd pa.D jaanaa

become dull or dimmed, fade, lose colour or light

dhu.ndlaa pa.D jaanaa

daa.nte pa.D jaanaa

paad u.Daanaa

to fart

pad pad par

Meaning ofSee meaning pe.D in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Hindi

Vazn : 21

English meaning of pe.D

Noun, Masculine


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पेड़ के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • वृक्ष, दरख़्त
  • मनुष्य के शरीर में मूत्रंद्रिय से ऊपर तथा नाभि से कुछ नीचे का स्थान। पेट के नीचे का अगला अंश या भाग। उपस्थ।
  • पौदा, झाड़

پیڑ کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • درخت ، پودا ،جھاڑ.

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