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near by

nazar me.n ga.Dnaa

be hated or disliked, be an eyesore, prove a very unpleasant sight

nazar me.n cha.Dhnaa

suit, be appropriate, look nice

nazar me.n farq pa.Dnaa

nazar me.n taa.D lenaa

nazar me.n nazar milaanaa

meet glance with glance (after the manner of one who is not ashamed, or has nothing to fear)

nazar me.n zo'f aanaa

nazar me.n ta.De honaa

nazar me.n na cha.Dhnaa

nazar me.n zo'f aanaa

loss of vision

nazar me.n haqiir

nazar me.n dharnaa

to keep in mind

nazar me.n disnaa

to see clearly

nazar me.n bhaa.npnaa

nazar me.n farq honaa

become differences in valuation, not being treated all as the same

nazar me.n chhaanaa

nazar me.n aanaa

nazar me.n aataa

nazar me.n haqiir honaa

to be humiliated in the eyes

nazar me.n laanaa

to see, to give importance, to give intention

nazar me.n duniyaa andher honaa

the world becomes dark in the eyes due to sorrow and pain

nazar me.n 'aalam siyaah honaa

the world darkens in the eyes due to pain and suffering

nazar me.n tasviir phirnaa

nazar me.n chubnaa

nazar me.n jamnaa

nazar me.n haqiir rahnaa

to be humiliated in the eyes

nazar me.n tolnaa

nazar me.n tulnaa

nazar me.n jaa.nch lenaa

nazar me.n honaa

be aware of, be in front of

nazar me.n chalnaa

always be mindful

nazar me.n rakhnaa

keep in sight, keep under one's own control

nazar me.n phirnaa

nazar me.n bharnaa

nazar me.n jachnaa

nazar me.n khubnaa

nazar me.n chubhnaa

nazar me.n khaTaknaa

nazar me.n rahnaa

nazar me.n 'aalam andher honaa

the world darkens in the eyes due to pain and suffering

nazar me.n Thaharnaa

to like

nazar me.n samaanaa

to be ever in the mind (of)

nazar me.n samonaa

nazar me.n 'aalam taariik honaa

nazar me.n andher honaa

nazar me.n jahaa.n andher honaa

nazar me.n phir jaanaa

nazar me.n chubh jaanaa

nazar me.n ghaT jaanaa

to become insignificant, be disgraced, fall in the estimation

nazar me.n KHaar honaa

be an eyesore

nazar me.n na aanaa

not to be seen

nazar me.n na laanaa

do not give importance

nazar me.n halkaa karnaa

withdraw one's favour from

nazar me.n na jachnaa

to be dislike

nazar me.n hech honaa

to be insignificant, to be useless

nazar me.n na Thaharnaa

nazar me.n asar honaa

nazar me.n subuk honaa

to be insignificant in sight

nazar me.n na samaanaa

nazar men aanaa

be seen

Meaning ofSee meaning nazar-me.n in English, Hindi & Urdu


नज़र-मेंنَظَر میں

Vazn : 122

English meaning of nazar-me.n

Arabic, Hindi - Adverb

  • in sight, in vision, in eye, in notice, in thought, in opinion, in identity, in knowledge
  • near by
  • in front of, in opposite

नज़र-में के हिंदी अर्थ

अरबी, हिंदी - क्रिया-विशेषण

  • दृष्टि में, देखने में, आँख में, ध्यान में, विचार में, ख़याल में, ज्ञान में, पहचान में
  • नज़दीक, निकट
  • रूबरू, सामने, समक्ष

نَظَر میں کے اردو معانی

عربی، ہندی - فعل متعلق

  • نگاہ میں ، دیکھنے میں ۔
  • روبرو ، سامنے ، بالمشافہ ۔
  • دھیان میں ، تصور میں ۔
  • شناخت میں ، پہچان یا تمیز میں
  • دانست میں ، نزدیک ۔
  • مشاہدے میں ایسا آدمی ابھی تک نظر میں نہیں آیا

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