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nazar me.n rakhnaa

keep in sight, keep under one's own control

nazar rakhnaa

to look carefully

nazar kushaada rakhnaa

vasii' nazar rakhnaa

madd-e-nazar rakhnaa

to keep in consideration

nazar-band rakhnaa

to keep in custody, to keep in invigilance

nazaro.n me.n rakhna

to keep in supervision, to keep in mind

nazar allaah par rakhnaa

to trust, to trust in God

nazar rakhnaa

keep an eye (on)

nazar-ba-KHudaa rakhnaa

to keep trust in God

fazl karne par nazar rakhnaa

naql-o-harkat par nazar rakhnaa

nazar me.n nazar milaanaa

meet glance with glance (after the manner of one who is not ashamed, or has nothing to fear)

nazar hii nazar me.n

nazar me.n cha.Dhnaa

suit, be appropriate, look nice

nazar me.n ga.Dnaa

be hated or disliked, be an eyesore, prove a very unpleasant sight

mailii nazar rakhnaa

see (someone) with bad intentions

gahrii nazar rakhnaa

keep a close eye, watch closely

nazar ga.Do ga.Do kar dekhnaa

malhuuz-e-nazar rakhnaa

to keep in mind

qasaa.ii kii nazar dekhnaa

to see with enmity, to see with, to look with anger, have cruel look

qasaa.ii kii nazar dekhnaa

nazar me.n farq pa.Dnaa

zer-e-nazar rakhnaa

keep watching, keep in view

nazar me.n taa.D lenaa

nazar me.n haqiir

nazar me.n dharnaa

to keep in mind

nazar me.n ta.De honaa

nazar me.n na cha.Dhnaa

achchhii nazar se dekhnaa

to like, to opt, to honour, acknowledging someone's accomplishments in the heart

nazar me.n zo'f aanaa

mutashakkii nazar se dekhnaa

to look suspiciously

nazar me.n disnaa

to see clearly

vaq'at kii nazar se dekhnaa

nazar me.n zo'f aanaa

loss of vision

nazar me.n bhaa.npnaa

nazar ke saamne rakhnaa

haqaarat-bharii nazar se dekhnaa

regard with contempt, look down upon

nazar me.n chhaanaa

dushman kii nazar se dekhnaa

scan critically, evaluate or check without any leniency

sher kii nazar dekhnaa

bad-nazar se dekhnaa

nazar me.n farq honaa

become differences in valuation, not being treated all as the same

nazar-bhar dekhnaa

to look carefully

mashkuuk nazar se dekhnaa

to doubt, to suspect

gandii nazar se dekhnaa

to leer, to ogle

bhar nazar dekhnaa

nazar kar dekhnaa

nazar ke dekhnaa

dekhnaa nazar aanaa

getting a shadow

zamaana nazar me.n a.ndheraa honaa

nazar me.n haqiir honaa

to be humiliated in the eyes

nazar me.n haqiir rahnaa

to be humiliated in the eyes

nazar me.n chalnaa

always be mindful

nazar me.n jachnaa

nazar me.n laanaa

to see, to give importance, to give intention

nazar me.n khubnaa

nazar me.n chubhnaa

nazar me.n khaTaknaa

nazar me.n tulnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning nazar me.n rakhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

nazar me.n rakhnaa

नज़र में रखनाنَظَر میں رَکھنا


English meaning of nazar me.n rakhnaa

  • keep in sight, keep under one's own control
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नज़र में रखना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • आँखों के सामने रखना, आँखों से ओझल ना होने देना , ज़ेर-ए-निगरानी रखना
  • जांच परख करना, भाँप लेना
  • ध्यान में रखना, ख़्याल रखना
  • निगरानी करना , निगरानी में रखना
  • पसंद ख़ातिर होना
  • बहुत ज़्यादा मुहब्बत करना, अज़ीज़ रखना

نَظَر میں رَکھنا کے اردو معانی

  • آنکھوں کے سامنے رکھنا ، آنکھوں سے اوجھل نہ ہونے دینا ؛ زیرنگرانی رکھنا
  • دھیان میں رکھنا ، خیال رکھنا
  • پسند خاطر ہونا ۔
  • نگرانی کرنا ؛ نگرانی میں رکھنا ۔
  • بہت زیادہ محبت کرنا ، عزیز رکھنا ۔
  • جانچ پرکھ کرنا ، بھانپ لینا ۔

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nazar me.n rakhnaa

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