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baat baat me.n chhurii kaTaarii

baat me.n baat

baat-baat me.n

baat kii baat me.n

instantly, immediately, in no time

baat me.n baat aanaa

baaT me.n pa.Dnaa

me.n baat ga.Dnaa

baat me.n baat honaa

baat me.n baat nikalnaa

baat me.n baat milaanaa

baat me.n baat nikaalnaa

baat me.n

baat me.n baat paidaa honaa

baat khaTaa.ii me.n pa.Dnaa

baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daanaa

dil me.n baat ga.Dnaa

chhurii kaTaarii bataanaa

baat mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

baat ha.nsii me.n pa.Dnaa

baat ha.nsii me.n u.Daanaa

laugh a matter off

baat me.n se baat nikalnaa

one topic to lead to another

baat jii me.n ga.Dnaa

kaan me.n baat pa.Dnaa

baat kaan me.n pa.Dnaa

aa.nchal me.n baat baa.ndhnaa

to commit something to memory

baat aa.nchal me.n baa.ndhnaa

baat gaa.nTh me.n baa.ndhnaa

baat me.n daKHl denaa

baat me.n qand gholnaa

baat me.n shaaKHe.n nikaalnaa

criticize, find fault with

baat dil me.n Than.naa

dil me.n baat Thaan.naa

baat-baat me.n motii pironaa

me.n baat aanaa

ho.nTho.n me.n baat dabnaa

ho.nTo.n me.n baat dabnaa

baat me.n farq aanaa

baat dil me.n Thaannaa

baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa

laugh something away, give no importance to

buraa.ii baGal me.n KHuubaa.ii baat me.n

ek baat me.n

is baat me.n

in this matter

baat karne me.n

baat me.n phirnaa

baat me.n lagaanaa

baat me.n bolnaa

baat me.n khu.D pe.nch nikaalnaa

me.n baat Daalnaa

baat khaTaa.ii me.n Daalnaa

baat man me.n basnaa

baat dil me.n phirnaa

baat dil me.n Daalnaa

dil me.n baat jamnaa

dil me.n baat Daalnaa

dil me.n baat rakhnaa

baat dil me.n pakaanaa

baat me.n daKHl karnaa

baat dil me.n chubhnaa

dil me.n baat aanaa

baat karne me.n phuul jha.Dnaa

Meaning of baat baat me.n chhurii kaTaarii in English, Hindi & Urdu

baat baat me.n chhurii kaTaarii

बात बात में छुरी कटारीبات بات میں چُھری کَٹاری

Critique us (baat baat me.n chhurii kaTaarii)




بات بات میں چُھری کَٹاری کے اردو معانی


  • ہر بات میں لڑنے کو تیار

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