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na lenaa na denaa

of no use, having no connection

denaa na lenaa

to have no concern, have no business, useless

lenaa na denaa

na lenaa ek, na denaa do

lenaa na denaa kaare na mas.ale

lenaa na denaa kaa.Dhe phire hasiinaa

denaa ek na lenaa do

lenaa na denaa, gaa.Dii bhare chanaa

denaa na lenaa, kaa.Dhe phire.n husainaa

lenaa na denaa baato.n kaa jam'-KHarch

chenaa jii kaa lenaa chaudah paanii denaa, baav chale to lenaa na denaa

karvaT na lenaa

havaa na denaa

let no one know, keep hidden

saa.ns na lenaa

chhaa.nv na denaa

Dakaar na lenaa

give or make no sign, make away without telling, keep one's own counsel

ghusne na denaa

lenaa na ek, dene do

lenaa ek na dene do

having nothing to do (with)

naam na lenaa

forget all about, be disgusted (with), Show no signs of something

kau.Dii ko na lenaa

TaTTii na denaa

dam na lene denaa

vaar na lene denaa

allow no respite

naam siidhaa na lenaa

saa.ns na lene denaa

na khulne denaa

yaaraa na denaa

hilne na denaa

phaTakne na denaa

kaan na denaa

javaab tak na denaa

karvaT tak na lenaa

be unaware (of), not know at all, take no action

siidhaa naam na lenaa

chha.ii na dabaane denaa

chain na lene denaa

saa.ns Dakaar na lenaa

qadam na rakhne denaa

naam bhii na lenaa

mu.D ke karvaT na lenaa

mu.D kar karvaT na lenaa

kau.Diyo.n ke mol na lenaa

nahaar mu.nh naam na lenaa

haath na dharne denaa

gard phaTakne na denaa

havaa bhii na denaa

havaa na lagne denaa

havaa tak na denaa

rasiid tak na denaa

muft bhii na lenaa

pesh na jaane denaa

aa.nch na aane denaa

protect from injury

haath se na denaa

kuchh bhii na denaa

nihaar mu.nh naam na lenaa

mu.nh se naam na lenaa

baat na aane denaa

baat chalne na denaa

haath na rakhne denaa

lag na lagne denaa

Meaning ofSee meaning na lenaa na denaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

na lenaa na denaa

न लेना न देनाنَہ لینا نَہ دینا


English meaning of na lenaa na denaa

  • of no use, having no connection

न लेना न देना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • कुछ फ़ायदा या नुक़्सान न होना, कुछ संबंध नहीं, कोई वास्ता नहीं

نَہ لینا نَہ دینا کے اردو معانی

  • کچھ فائدہ یا نقصان نہ ہونا، کچھ تعلق نہیں، کوئی واسطہ نہیں

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na lenaa na denaa

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