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mai.n kahaa.n aur vo kahaa.n

tuu kahaa.n aur mai.n kahaa.n

kahaa.n ye kahaa.n vo

what a difference between this and that

vo din kahaa.n

those days have gone!

mai.n kahaa.n tum kahaa.n

there is a big difference or distance between each other

vo zamaana kahaa.n gayaa

where has that era gone, it is used to express the regret after the good time passed away



kahaa.n kaa kahaa.n

far away but untraceable

kahaa.n se kahaa.n

kahaa.n bii-bii kahaa.n baa.ndii

ghii kahaa.n gayaa khich.Dii me.n

money spent on self or family is well spent


where, whither, where about, whereto (specially for question)

kahaa.n-kahaa.n kii

kahaa.n mu.nh

kahaa.n sar pho.Duu.n

sar kahaa.n pho.Duu.n

kahaa.n ho kahaa.n na ho

who knows where (he, etc.) may be

kahaa.n se kahaa.n le Thikaane

chiil ke gho.nsle me.n maa.ns kahaa.n

prodigals have no wherewithal

baat kahaa.n se kahaa.n jaa pahu.nchnaa

kahaa.n kii baat kahaa.n le jaanaa

kahaa.n kaa aanaa kahaa.n kaa jaanaa

ye mu.nh kahaa.n

such courage, hasn't remained!

vo aur ye kaam

he can't do it, he will not do it

KHaak aur KHuun me.n aTnaa

mu.nh kahaa.n hai

kahaa.n se

whence? from what place? from where?

kahaa.n chale

abhii kahaa.n

nasiib kahaa.n

kahaa.n par

where? at what place? to what degree? how far?

kahaa.n hai




cuckoo's call

kahaa.n ke hai.n

kahaa.n se Tapak pa.De

hosh kahaa.n hai

ye aur vo

mai.n nahii.n yaa vo nahii.n




of what place? what type?

ye tumhaarii aur vo hamaarii

ko.ii kahaa.n se laa.e

how is it possible!

vo din hai aur aaj kaa din hai

aa.e.n to jaa.e.n kahaa.n

dhobii ke ghar pa.Daa chor, vo kyaa luTe aur


kahaa.n kaa rahaa

meraa KHudaa aur mai.n

vo jaane aur us kaa iimaan jaane

if he is conscientious he would know best how to conduct himself

jhuuTo.n ke pair kahaa.n

hosh kahaa.n rahtaa hai

kahaa.n kaa iraada hai

where do you intend, where are you going, where to go

kahaa.n so rahaa

were you sleeping? why the delay?

kahaa.n mar gayaa

kahaa.n jaataa hai

kahaa.n se aayaa

farzand vo jo pand maane aur baap kaa kahnaa farz jaane

Meaning of mai.n kahaa.n aur vo kahaa.n in English, Hindi & Urdu

mai.n kahaa.n aur vo kahaa.n

मैं कहाँ और वो कहाँمَیں کَہاں اَور وہ کَہاں

Critique us (mai.n kahaa.n aur vo kahaa.n)





See meaning: mai.n kahaa.n tum kahaa.n

मैं कहाँ और वो कहाँ के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक : में कहाँ तुम कहाँ

مَیں کَہاں اَور وہ کَہاں کے اردو معانی


  • رک : میں کہاں تم کہاں ۔

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