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as many as, as, as much as


requital, retaliation, return


jitnii chaadar dekho utne paa.nv phailaa.o

cut your coat according to your cloth

jitnii chaadar utne paa.nv phailaa.o

jitnii chaadar utne paa.nv pasaaro

jitnii miyaa.n kii lambii daa.Dhii, utnaa gaa.nv gulzaar

jitnii chaadar dekhiye utne hii paa.nv phailaa.iye

jitnii chaadar dekhiye utne paa.nv pasaariye

jitnii aamad utnaa bojh

jitnii deg utnii khurchan

the larger the outlay, the more the waste

jitnii aamadnii utnaa KHarch

jitnii daulat , utnii musiibat

the more the wealth, the greater the worry

jitnii kii titnii

jitnii daulat utnii hii musiibat

jitnii laabh utnaa lobh

jitnii goDii , utnii DoDii


as many as


as many as


to win


admonish, caution, warn, make aware, bring home a lesson





combine, join, unite closely together


cause to win or conquer, helping someone to win something


to unite closely together, to combine


do the work in which the field is plowed by horse, ox etc., get help from labourer for plowing


of olive-color


jitnaa ba.Daa mu.nh utn ba.Daa nivaalaa

jitnaa ba.Daa utnaa ka.Daa

the larger is harder than the smaller

jitnaa kap.Daa dekho utne paa.nv phailaa.o

jitnaa o.Dhnaa utnaa paa.nv phailaanaa

jitnaa o.Dhnaa utne paa.nv phailaanaa

jitnaa o.Dhnaa utne hii paa.nv phailaanaa

Cut your coat according to your cloth.

jitnaa lambaa utnii girah chau.Dii

havaa ho jitnii uutnaa paade

jitnaa qariib vitnaa raqiib

jitnaa gu.D Daalo utnaa miiThaa

jitnaa gu.D Daalo utnaa hii miiTh

jitnaa gu.D Daaloge, utnaa miiThaa hogaa

the deeper the well, the warmer the water

jitnaa degaa utnaa paa.egaa

jitnaa zamiin ke uupar utnaa zamiin ke niiche

jitne dam utne Gam

life is a series of sorrows

jitnaa ghii Daalo utnaa svaad

jitne me.n

in so much or that much time, for so much or that much money

jitne mu.nh utnii baate.n

so many men, so many minds/opinions

jitnaa siyaanaa utnaa diivaana

itnii to raa.ii hogii jitnii raa.ite me.n pa.De

kamlii jitnii bhiigegii bhaarii hogii

kamlii jitnii bhiigegii , bhaarii hogii

jitnaa chhoTaa utnaa khoTaa

so small yet so bad, a small mischievous person

jitnaa chhaanaa utnaa khaanaa kirkiraa

jitnaa garmaa.egaa utnaa hii barsaa.egaa

kamlii jitnii bhiige gii (utnii hii) bhaarii hogii

jitnaa aaTe me.n namak

very little, a tiny amount (of something)

jitne mu.nD utne pi.nD

jitnaa chhoTaa utnaa hii khoTaa

jitnaa chhaano utnaa hii kirkiraa

the deeper you delve, the more the dirt, More research reveals more defects

Meaning ofSee meaning jitnii in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Hindi

Vazn : 22

English meaning of jitnii


Sher Examples

जितनी के हिंदी अर्थ


  • जितना का स्त्री, जिस मात्रा या परिणाम का

جِتْنی کے اردو معانی

فعل متعلق

  • جتنا کی تانیث، تراکیب میں مستعمل، جس قدر، جس تعداد (یا مقدار یا درجہ) میں، اتنا کا مقابل

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