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dil kaa maalik allaah hai

allaah maalik hai

God will look after this affair, an expression of hope

allaah maalik hai

dil-o-dimaaG kaa maalik honaa

allaah kaa ghar ba.Daa hai

ma'aaz allaah kaa maqaam hai

dil kaa dil aa.iina hai

allaah kaa naam hai

the name of God, nothing whatever, not a rap

dil kaa KHudaa hii haafiz hai

sadaa naam allaah kaa rahtaa hai

KHudaa maalik hai

have trust in God

ghar me.n allaah kaa diyaa sab hai

dil kaa kuchh aur hii naqsha hai

dil kaa kuchh aur hii naqshaa hai

allaah hii allaah hai

God alone remains, it is all finished now

allaah hii allaah hai

dil kaa haal KHudaa jaantaa hai

allaah ko mu.nh dikhaanaa hai

one is answerable for one's deeds before Allah, words used when assuring someone of one's honesty

allaah ko mu.nh dikhaanaa hai

ab allaah hii allaah hai

allaah kii laaThii be-aavaaz hai

the mills of God grind slowly

allaah shaahid hai

deg-teG kaa maalik honaa

allaah kii baate.n allaah hii jaane

KHuubiyo.n kaa maalik

Paragon, perfect example, model.

allaah ke yahaa.n der hai andher nahii.n hai

saafed-o-siyaah kaa maalik honaa

all in all

zamiin kaa maalik

allaah shaafii hai

allaah ko jaan denii hai

allaah vaalii hai

siyaah-o-safed kaa maalik honaa

be in complete control

allaah hai

allaah hii allaah

allaah shukr KHore ko shukr detaa hai

one somehow gets his/her heart's desire

dil ko dil se raah hotii hai

love begets love

kyaa daal bhaat kaa nivaala hai

allaah hii haafiz hai

there is no hope, it is quite hopeless now, only Allah can save

allaah shakkar KHore ko shakkar hii detaa hai

siyaah-o-saped kaa maalik honaa

be in complete control

allaah se kaam pa.Daa hai

allaah hii hai

there is no hope except Allah

allaah tavakkulii kaar-KHaana hai

dil pahaa.D hai

allaah madadgaar hai to be.Daa paar hai

ghar kaa maalik

owner of the house, landlord

dil-lagii muqarrar kii hai

dil par dil aa.iina hai

allaah jaantaa hai

deg tiig kaa maalik honaa

kaa maalik honaa

be or become the owner or proprietor (of), to own

allaah ke ghar me.n kis chiiz kii kamii hai

allaah ke ghar me.n kis chiiz kii kamii hai

God lacks nothing

allaah ko dekhaa nahii.n par 'aql se to pahchaanaa hai

dil kii aarzuu dil hii me.n rahnaa

jis ke dil me.n rahm nahii.n vo qasaa.ii hai

allaah ne ye din dikhaayaa hai

nayaa musalmaan allaah hii allaah pukaare

allaah de allaah dilaave allaah kaa dayaa kul 'aalam paave

yaa allaah tauba hai

Meaning ofSee meaning dil kaa maalik allaah hai in English, Hindi & Urdu

dil kaa maalik allaah hai

दिल का मालिक अल्लाह हैدِلکا مالِک اَللہ ہے


दिल का मालिक अल्लाह है के हिंदी अर्थ


  • दिल का हाल अल्लाह ही जानता है, ख़ुदा के सिवा किसी को मालूम नहीं

دِلکا مالِک اَللہ ہے کے اردو معانی


  • دل کا حال اللہ ہی جانتا ہے ، خُدا کے سِوا کسی کو معلوم نہیں

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dil kaa maalik allaah hai

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