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zindagii zinda dilii kaa naam hai

naam zinda rakhnaa

khilaa.e kaa naam nahii.n, rulaa.e kaa naam hai

khilaa.e kaa naam nahii.n , rolaa.e kaa naam hai

naam zinda rahnaa

naam zinda honaa

naam zinda karnaa

revive someone's name or fame

kis chi.Diyaa kaa naam hai

know/knows nothing of this

allaah kaa naam hai

the name of God, nothing whatever, not a rap

sadaa naam allaah kaa rahtaa hai

KHudaa kaa naam hai

God is there!


cheerfulness, full of excitement, happiness, eagerness, liveliness, mirth, the quality of being always happy and joyful

kyaa zindagii kaa bharosa hai

mard kaa naam mard se behtar hai

aas kaa naam duniyaa hai

kis jaanvar kaa naam hai

who the hell is he/she/it!

aage KHudaa kaa naam hai

nothing after that

naam hii naam kaa

chele laave.n kar baiThaa khaa.e mahant, raam bhajan kaa naam hai panth

chaar din kii zindagii hai

zindagii shart hai

if life would be there!

zindagii chand roza hai

hari kaa naam sat hai sat bolo mukt hai

naam ko nahii.n hai

naam hii naam hai

dillii kaa la.Dkaa hai

naam hii kaa honaa

zindagii habaab hai

to stress the impermanence of life which is like a bubble and no more

zindagii chaltii phirtii chhaa.o.n hai

kaaTe baa.Dh naam ho talvaar kaa

kaaTe baa.D naam ho talvaar kaa

sub.h hii sub.h KHudaa kaa naam lo

zindagii kaa varaq

leaf-like life

naam KHudaa ka.nvaaraa pinDaa hai

ghar me.n joruu kaa naam bahuu begm rakh lene se kyaa hotaa hai

daane daane par naam hai

every grain has the name of its eater inscribed on it, i.e. what you eat or where you eat is decided by destiny, every bullet has its billet

ab bhii meraa murda us ke zinde par bhaarii hai

naam hai

zindagii kaa maza

zindagii kaa javaab denaa

to approach the hour of death

chaltii kaa naam gaa.Dii, gaa.Dii kaa naam aukhlii

na.ii zindagii kaa aaGaaz karnaa

kahii.n murde bhii zinda hote hai.n

can the dry bones live?

urduu kaa muhaavara dillii par KHatm hai

Urdu idioms are confined to Dehli

dil zinda ho jaanaa

naam kaa vaziifa pa.Dhnaa

naam kaa vaziifa

zinda gaa.Dhnaa

zinda gaa.Dnaa

naam kaa KHutba pa.Dhvaanaa

ghii masaalaa kaam kare aur ba.Dii bahuu kaa naam ho

naam kaa naam

la.De fauj naam sardaar kaa, kaaTe dhaar naam talvaar kaa

kaaTe baa.Dh naam talvaar kaa, la.De fauj naam sardaar kaa

la.De sipaahii naam sardaar kaa, kaaTe baa.Dh naam talvaar kaa

la.De sipaahii naam sardaar kaa, kaaTe dhaar naam talvaar kaa

sadaa naam saa.ii.n kaa

baa.Dh kaaTe naam talvaar kaa

subordinate works and the administrant earns name, God heals and the doctor takes the fee

baaqii naam allaah kaa

allaah kaa naam

refers to a state of penury, i.e. there is nothing in the house except God's name

Meaning ofSee meaning zindagii zinda dilii kaa naam hai in English, Hindi & Urdu

zindagii zinda dilii kaa naam hai

ज़िंदगी ज़िंदा दिली का नाम हैزِنْدَگی زِنْدَہ دِلی کا نام ہے


ज़िंदगी ज़िंदा दिली का नाम है के हिंदी अर्थ


  • (नासिख़ का मिसरा ग़लत तरह से बतौर मक़ूला मशहूर-ओ-मुस्तामल) आदमी को हंस बोल के ज़िंदगी गुज़ारना चाहीए

زِنْدَگی زِنْدَہ دِلی کا نام ہے کے اردو معانی


  • (ناسخ کا مِصرعہ غلط طرح سے بطور مقولہ مشہور و مُستعمل) آدمی کو ہن٘س بول کے زِندگی گُزارنا چاہئے.

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zindagii zinda dilii kaa naam hai

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