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baat dil me.n utarnaa

To make a striking impression.

baat ko dil me.n utaarnaa

dil me.n utarnaa

find a favourable response or acceptance

dil me.n baat ga.Dnaa

baat dil me.n Than.naa

dil me.n baat Thaan.naa

baat dil me.n Thaannaa

dil hii dil me.n baat pakaanaa

baat dil me.n phirnaa

baat dil me.n Daalnaa

dil me.n baat jamnaa

baat dil me.n baiThnaa

dil me.n baat Daalnaa

dil me.n baat rakhnaa

baat dil me.n pakaanaa

baat dil me.n chubhnaa

dil me.n baat aanaa

baat dil me.n khab jaanaa

To make a striking impression.

kaano.n me.n baat Daal denaa

kaan me.n baat Daal denaa

to notify, to inform, to remind, help someone remember

baataa.n me.n utarnaa

dil utarnaa

dil me.n utaarnaa

dil se utarnaa

akhaa.De me.n utarnaa

sadqe me.n utarnaa

da.ngal me.n utarnaa

enter the arena (to fight or wrestle)

baat zehn se utarnaa

dil me.n baate.n bharii hai.n

maidaan me.n utarnaa

baat halaq se niiche utarnaa

baat dil se ga.Dhnaa

baat dil se jo.Dnaa

baat dil se gha.Dnaa

dil me.n ba.Dii ba.Dii baate.n bharii hai.n

qismat me.n utarnaa

maqtal me.n utarnaa

shiishe me.n utarnaa

zamiin me.n utarnaa

pistaano.n me.n duudh utarnaa

baat gale utarnaa

talvo.n me.n lahuu utarnaa

zehn me.n utarnaa

muu.n pau masjid dil me.n but-KHaana

ha.nsii me.n utarnaa

foto.n me.n paanii utarnaa

suffer from hydrocele

chhaatii me.n duudh utarnaa

dil se baat dhonaa

lakshmii ghar me.n utarnaa

have a run of good luck

parii shiishe me.n utarnaa

nas-nas me.n utarnaa

KHuun aa.nkho.n me.n utarnaa

aa.nkho.n me.n paanii utarnaa

suffer from cataract

aa.nkho.n me.n KHuun utarnaa

become extremely furious

KHuun aa.nkho.n me.n utarnaa

baat dil par naqsh honaa

aa.nkh me.n KHuun utarnaa

aa.nkh me.n paanii utarnaa

lahuu aa.nkho.n me.n utarnaa

(eyes) to be bloodshot

dil kii baat

Meaning ofSee meaning baat dil me.n utarnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

baat dil me.n utarnaa

बात दिल में उतरनाبات دِل میں اُتَرنا


English meaning of baat dil me.n utarnaa


  • To make a striking impression.
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बात दिल में उतरना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • किसी बात की सदाक़त पर यक़ीन-ए-कामिल होना
  • किसी बात से दिल को सख़्त अज़ीयत पहन
  • रुक : बात दिल पर नक़्श होना

بات دِل میں اُتَرنا کے اردو معانی


  • رک : بات دل پر نقش ہونا
  • کسی بات سے دل کو سخت اذیت پہنْچنا .
  • کسی بات کی صداقت پر یقین کامل ہونا

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baat dil me.n utarnaa

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