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sweat, perspiration, exuded moisture


the vessel in which the essence is stored or preserve


the seat towel or clothe


a perforated container for sprinkling rose-water etc.


sweating, toil and sweat

'araq honaa

to be drenched in perspiration, to be ashamed


the sweet towel or clothe


to extract juice from something, to make liquor

'araq aanaa

to sweat, be covered with sweat (through hard labour, heat, shame or fear)

'araq laanaa



full of perspiration, sweat, essence, the root (of anything)

'araq karnaa

to sweat




sweating, toil and sweat, hard labour or exertion


sweating, toil and sweat, hard labour or exertion, severe application


covered with sweat, sweaty, ashamed


related to 'araq, extracted


sweating, toil and sweat

'araq nikalnaa

to perspire

'araq Tapaknaa

dropping seats from body


be covered with sweat, to be drenched in perspiration, be ashamed

'araq karaanaa

'araq khii.nchnaa

to extract the juice, or sap, or liquor (of), to distil


the water of curdling of milk


the sweating which comes out at the time of last breathing

'araq paak karnaa

to wipe the seat


the fragrant liquid that is for bride to use in marriage


rose water


insomnia, sleeplessness


the moisture which is exist inside the tree


Vinegar (so called because mint


sweat of repentance


anise syrup or juice

'araq ke biich Duubnaa

covered with sweat, sweaty, to be drenched in perspiration, ashamed


sweat of repentance


rectified spirit


(Medicine) excessive sweating in the extreme condition of the disease


perspiration of rose-faced


sweat of shame


sweat of shame


sweat towel or handkerchief


(Medicine) different kind of juice

'araq-e-sharm me.n Dubonaa

to embarrass

'araq-e-sharm me.n nahaanaa

to be very ashamed

'araq-e-sharm me.n Duubnaa

to be ashamed


a liquor extracted from the flower of the jujube tree


to respire, to sweet


perspiration of shame of sinning



Salvadora persica, tree whose twig is used for cleaning teeth


(Lexical) very fine







Name of a country




Meaning ofSee meaning 'araq in English, Hindi & Urdu



Also Read As - 'arq

Origin: Arabic

Vazn : 12

Plural: 'uruuq

Root word: 'araq

Tags: Figurative Medical

Word Family: a-r-q

English meaning of 'araq

Noun, Masculine, Singular

Sher Examples

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'अरक़ के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग, एकवचन

  • वो आद्रता जो किसी वनस्पति या पशुओं के शरीर के अंदर पाई जाती है
  • वो आर्द्रता जो शरीर के सुक्ष्म छिद्रोंं से बाहर निकलती हो, पसीना
  • किसी फल का निचोड़, रस, आसव, जूस अफ़्शुर्दा
  • ( लाक्षणिक) मदिरा, शराब, पसीना, , आसव, अर्क़, निचोड़, रस, जूस
  • (औषधि) किसी पदार्थ का रस जो भभके से खींचने से निकले, दवाओं का खींचा हुआ पानी
  • खजूर के पत्तों से बना हुआ टोकरा

عَرَقْ کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر، واحد

  • وہ رطوبت جو کسی نباتی یا حیوانی جسم کے اندر پائی جائے
  • وہ رطوبت جو بدن کے سامات سے خارج ہو، پسینہ
  • کسی پھل کا نچوڑ، رس، افشردہ
  • (کنایتہً) شراب، تیز و تند شراب
  • (طب) کسی چیز کا کشیدہ کیا ہوا پانی، دواؤں کی بھاپ سے بنایا ہوا پانی (جو بطور دوا استعمال کرتے ہیں)
  • کھجور کے پتوں سے بنا ہو ٹوکرا

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