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aas kaa naam duniyaa hai

duniyaa kaa dastuur hai

allaah kaa naam hai

the name of God, nothing whatever, not a rap

khilaa.e kaa naam nahii.n, rulaa.e kaa naam hai

zindagii zinda dilii kaa naam hai

duniyaa kaa maa'muul hai

kis chi.Diyaa kaa naam hai

know/knows nothing of this

duniyaa dhu.nd kaa pasaaraa hai

sadaa naam allaah kaa rahtaa hai

KHudaa kaa naam hai

God is there!

kis jaanvar kaa naam hai

what a nonsense or absurd thing?

kis jaanvar kaa naam hai

who the hell is he/she/it!

duniyaa kaa abhii kyaa dekhaa hai

naam hii naam kaa

aage KHudaa kaa naam hai

nothing after that

mard kaa naam mard se behtar hai

duniyaa se naam u.De

naam duniyaa se u.De

duniyaa kaa yahii kaarKHaana hai

naam hii naam hai

zaahir kii duniyaa hai

duniyaa dhoke kii TaTTii hai

duniyaa dekhii hai

am/ is wise and experienced

duniyaa jaa.e ummiid hai

duniyaa 'ajab jagah hai

duniyaa hai aur KHushaamad hai

duniyaa daar-e-mihan hai

the world is a place of grief and suffering

naam ko nahii.n hai

duniyaa chand roza hai

naam hii kaa honaa

duniyaa guzar gaah hai

duniyaa faanii hai

world is mortal

naam hai

duniyaa ummiid par qaa.em hai

people live by hope alone, while there's life there's hope

aaj is kaa daur hai to kal us kaa daur hai

aas muraad kaa

duniyaa be-sabaat hai

aas muraado.n kaa maanaa

duniyaa burii jagah hai

duniyaa jaantii hai

naam KHudaa ka.nvaaraa pinDaa hai

duniyaa zaahir parast hai

naam rahtii duniyaa tak rahe

duniyaa kaa qaa'ida

naam kaa naam

duniyaa apne matlab kii hai

duniyaa kaajal kii koThrii hai

duniyaa Dhaltii phirtii chhaa.n hai

duniyaa kaa nasheb

allaah kaa naam

refers to a state of penury, i.e. there is nothing in the house except God's name

naam kaa vaziifa pa.Dhnaa

naam kaa vaziifa

naam biktaa hai

(of something) being valuable because of its name

naam buraa hai

duniyaa hai aur matlab

duniyaa kaa lihaaz

duniyaa kaa lahuu safed ho gayaa

duniyaa kaa nasheb-o-faraaz

sub.h hii sub.h KHudaa kaa naam lo

duniyaa kaa naqsha badalnaa

Meaning of aas kaa naam duniyaa hai in English, Hindi & Urdu

aas kaa naam duniyaa hai

आस का नाम दुनिया हैآس كا نام دُنیا ہے

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आस का नाम दुनिया है के हिंदी अर्थ


  • उम्मीद के भरोसे पर दुनिया का कारोबार चलता है

آس كا نام دُنیا ہے کے اردو معانی


  • امید كے بھروسے پر دنیا كا كاروبار چلتا ہے

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