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ye gayaa vo gayaa

ye aa gayaa vo aa gayaa

ye ga.ii vo ga.ii

something that escapes in a flash

vo vaqt gayaa

those days are gone

ye ga.e vo ga.e

vo zamaana kahaa.n gayaa

where has that era gone, it is used to express the regret after the good time passed away

ab vo paanii multaan bah gayaa

that quality is gone now

vo Darbaa hii jal gayaa

that chance has gone, no hope remains

ye do din me.n kyaa maajraa ho gayaa

ye kyaa ho gayaa

zamiin khaa ga.ii yaa aasmaan khaa gayaa

aasmaan khaa gayaa yaa zamiin

jo bandh gyaa so motii jo rah gayaa vo kankar

kah gayaa bah gayaa

gayaa to gayaa

gayaa par gayaa

gayaa so gayaa

u.D gayaa

flew away, went away, evaporated


went, gone

haal gayaa ahvaal gayaa dil kaa KHayaal na gayaa

bhaa.D me.n gayaa

kahaa.n ye kahaa.n vo

what a difference between this and that

aayaa aadmii aayaa rizq gayaa aadmii gayaa rizq

chauk.Dii bhuul gayaa

sar cha.Dh gayaa

Dar gayaa so mar gayaa

one who is afraid has already lost the fight, one who fears is dead

Gaarat gayaa

ha.Dkaayaa ban gayaa

muqaddar kiyaa gayaa

rah gayaa


(the day) went away just like this

vuzuu TuuT gayaa

the purity or efficacy of one's devotions to be destroyed

chhaajo.n paanii pa.D gayaa

aap se gayaa jag se gayaa

kahii.n gayaa nahii.n

kahii.n nahii.n gayaa

ga.e se gayaa

charaaG ba.Daa ho gayaa

cha.nvarii nigal gayaa

dhurpat bhuul gayaa

ghii kahaa.n gayaa khich.Dii me.n

money spent on self or family is well spent

ye aazmaa kar vo aazmaa kar

kha.De kaa kha.Daa rah gayaa

kidhar aayaa kidhar gayaa

gayaa so guzraa




disgraced, put to shame

aayaa gayaa

over and done with, finished

marte gayaa

jal gayaa

kyaa gayaa

satyaanaas gayaa

ris gayaa

pag.Dii me.n phuul rakhaa gayaa

tumhaarii ye raah hamaarii vo raah

ye jaa vo jaa

was gone, left hurriedly

vo aur ye kaam

he can't do it, he will not do it

ye aayaa vo aayaa


Sick person.

Meaning of ye gayaa vo gayaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

ye gayaa vo gayaa

ये गया वो गयाیِہ گَیا وہ گَیا

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ये गया वो गया के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक : ये जा वो जा, भाग गया

یِہ گَیا وہ گَیا کے اردو معانی


  • رک : یہ جا وہ جا ، بھاگ گیا

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