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mauqa' pa.Dnaa

to coincident


site, place, situation, locality, spot


mauqa' denaa

to give an opportunity, or occasion

mauqa' taa.Dnaa

looking for favorable time


knowing or recognizing the chance or opportunity, opportunism, diplomat

mauqa' honaa

to be appropriate, having the right time

mauqa' khonaa

to let slip an opportunity

mauqa' aanaa


mauqa' kaa

appropriate, according to will, which is appropriate on time

mauqa' Dhuu.nDnaa

looking for an opportunities, looking for the right time


at an inappropriate time, every time, anytime

mauqa' paka.Dnaa

to seize the occasion, not to let slip an opportunity

mauqa' par cha.Dhnaa

arrive at the site

mauqa' nikalnaa

mauqa' paanaa

to get opportunity, looking for opportunity

mauqa' nikaalnaa

find the appropriate time for a task

mauqa' milnaa

an opportunity to present itself (to), to meet with, or to get, an opportunity

mauqa' ban.naa

find an opportune time, an opportunity to occur, or to present itself

mauqa' dekhnaa

to look, or watch for, an opportunity


from time to time, at times, sometimes, occasionally, as and when needed

mauqa' me.n

on time

mauqa' ga.nvaa denaa

to waste time, not taking advantage from an opportunity

mauqa' taknaa

to look for favorable conditions or opportunities

mauqa' jamaanaa

having intercourse

mauqa'-mauqa' se

mauqa' dikhlaanaa

to do aware about any hard time


site or scene of an incident or crime, the place where a crime has been committed, the place of incident

mauqa' kii nazaakat bhaa.npnaa

to aware about hard time


opportunity to express


good opportunity, golden chance

mauqa' naazuk honaa

having a difficult and complicated time


out of place, out of need


out of place, inappropriate, inopportune, improper

mauqa' rahnaa

to get opportunity

mauqa' karnaa

copulate, to intercourse


diplomat, opportunist, tactful

mauqa' paa-kar

mauqa' chalnaa

mauqa' kii

opportune, proper, appropriate, fit, suitable

mauqa' jaane denaa

to let slip an opportunity

mauqa' Ganiimat jaannaa

favorable conditions

mauqa' Te.Dhaa honaa

situation not to be favorable

mauqa' faraaham karnaa

to give opportunity or occasion



mauqa' haath lagnaa

an opportunity to come to hand

mauqa' paa jaanaa

to get an opportunity

mauqa' na milnaa

to not get opportunity

mauqa' shart hai

if get the opportunity

mauqa' haath se denaa

an opportunity to pass away, or escape, or be lost

mauqa' baham pahu.nchaanaa

to give opportunity

mauqa' Ganiimat samajhnaa


opportunist, time-server

mauqa' nikal jaanaa

opportunity to be lost, an opportunity to pass away, or escape

mauqa' kii taa.D me.n rahnaa

to keep eye on an appropriate time, opportunity

mauqa' se

according to time, opportunely, seasonably, timely

mauqa' par

in the right place, at the proper time, on occasion



mauqa' se faa.ida uThaanaa

work at the proper and appropriate time

Meaning of mauqa' in English,

Hindi & Urdu



Critique (mauqa')




Origin: Arabic

Plural: mavaaqe'

Root word: vaq'a

English meaning of mauqa'

Noun, Masculine, Singular

मौक़ा' के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग, एकवचन

  • स्थान, मुक़ाम, जगह, (लाक्षाणिक) मार्ग
  • उपयुक्त समय, विशेष समय, विशेष स्थान
  • वो स्थान जहाँ कोई चीज़ घटित हो, घटित होने का स्थान, घटनास्थल
  • ऐसा समय जब कोई काम ठीक तरह से होने को हो या हो सकता हो, अवसर, सुयोग
  • (व्याकरण) प्रयोग की जगह
  • अवधि, मोहलत
  • विषेश स्थान, योनि

مَوقَع کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر، واحد

  • مقام، جگہ، محل، (مجازاً) راستہ
  • (کسی کام یا چیز کے لیے) مناسب وقت، محل موزوں، خاص وقت، خاص مقام
  • وہ جگہ جہاں کوئی چیز واقع ہو جائے، (کسی امر کے) واقع ہونے کی جگہ، جائے وقوع، محل وقوع
  • (قواعد) محل استعمال
  • اوسر، مہلت
  • جائے مخصوصہ، فرج، اندام نہانی

Synonyms of mauqa'

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