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jiibh daab ke baat kahnaa

zabaan daab ke kahnaa

speak haltingly or with bated breath, speak softly, mince one's words

baat cha.ndraa ke kahnaa

raah raah kii baat kahnaa

zabaan daab kar kahnaa

dil kii baat kahnaa

baat Dhaal ke kahnaa

baat churaa ke kahnaa

jiibh ke tale jiibh hai

jiibh ke tale jiibh honaa

do Tuk.De baat kahnaa

aavaaz baat kahnaa

lapeTvaa.n baat kahnaa

sar kii baat kahnaa

disclose a secret

man kii baat kahnaa

pata kii baat kahnaa

zabaan daab ke

maa'naa KHez baat kahnaa

na.ii baat kahnaa

laak kii yak baat kahnaa

baat mu.nh par kahnaa

baat par baat kahnaa

do Tok baat kahnaa

mu.nh se puurii baat kahnaa

kaan me.n baat kahnaa

baat kahnaa

to speak (of), tell, say, to talk, discourse

mu.nh se puurii baat kahnaa

jiibh ba.Dhaanaa

to make the tongue long', to be loquacious and abusive, to pursue pleasures beyond one's reach

jiibh paka.Dnaa

ba.Dh ba.Dh ke kahnaa

halkii baat kahnaa



chhiin Daab kii

mukh uupar baat kahnaa

baat chabaa kar kahnaa

kahne kii baat rah ga.ii

das ke do kahnaa

zabaan dabaa ke kahnaa

jiibh jalii svaad paayaa

Daab kii rok

baat ke batanga.De

mu.nh bhar ke kahnaa

saudaa achchhaa laabh kaa aur raajaa achchhaa daab kaa

mu.nh bhar ke kahnaa

KHaak chaaT kar baat kahnaa

jiibh kaa.nTe-kaa.nTe honaa

jiibh jalii svaad na aayaa

kahne kii baat nahii.n

haa.nk pukaar ke kahnaa

duusro.n par Dhaal Daal ke kahnaa

kisii baat ke laale pa.Dnaa

jiibh chaaTnaa

to smack the tongue (over or at), to long (for something unattainable), to covet

jiibh nikaalnaa

to put out the tongue, to be extremely fatigued or thirsty, to pull out the tongue (as a punishment for misusing it)

jiibh chalnaa

jiibh jhukaanaa

to pretend to wealth falsely

jiibh karnaa

(prov.), to set the tongue agoing, to speak, to answer, to be rude or insolent in speech, to abuse

jiibh chalaanaa

to boast (of) beyond one's ability, to talk grandly or largely

jiibh kaaTnaa

to stop one's tongue by signs, to forbid by signs, (from the Persian) to grant the request (of a petitioner), to bite the tongue in astonishment, to be struck with terror or astonishment

jiibh ulaTnaa

to pronounce distinctly

baat ke shaaKHsaane

Meaning ofSee meaning jiibh daab ke baat kahnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

jiibh daab ke baat kahnaa

जीभ दाब के बात कहनाجِیبھ داب کے بات کَہْنا


जीभ दाब के बात कहना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • हिचकिचा कर बात करना, खुल कर न कहना

جِیبھ داب کے بات کَہْنا کے اردو معانی


  • ہچکچا کر بات کرنا ، کھل کر نہ کہنا.

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jiibh daab ke baat kahnaa

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