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iraade se


aur iraade se

kyaa kyaa iraade the

iraada ba.ndhnaa

iraada baa.ndhnaa


intention, will, desire

iraada uThnaa

iraada karnaa

kahaa.n kaa iraada hai

where do you intend, where are you going, where to go


foul motives, evil designs

dha.Dalle se

openly, fearlessly

Ga.Daap se

immediately, instantly, with a gurgling sound

taa.D se

ta.Daaq se


pa.Daaq se

dha.Daam se

with a thud, thuddingly

dha.Daake se

quickly, rapidly

dhaa.ii.n se

with a thud

jha.Daake se

sa.Daak se

ta.DaaKH se

'adaavat se


kisii se saa.ii kisii se badhaa.ii

ja.D se bair, patto.n se iKHlaas

ja.D se bair, patto.n se yaarii

tho.De se tho.Daa

very little, very least, minimum

se mudavvar

heka.Dii se

forcefully, perforce

kisii se saa.ii, kisii se badhaa.ii

allusion to someone who makes false promises with all

daa've se

aavaaz se

qaa'ide se

according to rule or practice

jiine se duur marne se nazdiik

chaa.nd se


from ages, for a long time


luckily, fortunately

Taay.n se

quickly, instantly


secretly, covertly, in confidence

diiivaaro.n se la.Dnaa

phaav.Daa se daa.nt

tooth like shovel, wide and ugly teeth

ba.De se ba.Daa

largest possible

ja.D se ukhaa.Dnaa

root out, uproot, extirpate

saa.e se bha.Daknaa

huqqa pair dau.Dii se roTii qismat se

muqaddar se la.Dnaa

qarz se chhu.Daanaa

get back the possession of something given as security (against loan) by paying the loan amount

saath se chho.Dnaa

ittifaaq se

by chance, accidentally, incidentally, occasionally, rarely, scarcely, concurrently, conjointly, together, in conjunction with, in communication with

saas se to.D, bahuu se naataa

qadiim se

qazaa se

zabardastii se

forcibly, by violence, high-handedly, unjustly

taqdiir se

luckily, fortunately

mazaaq se

taqdiir se la.Dnaa

diivaar se la.Dnaa

banduuq se u.Daanaa

jhapaak se jhapaake se

nashtar se chhe.Dnaa

girvii se chhu.Daanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning iraade se in English, Hindi & Urdu

iraade se

इरादे सेاِرادے سے

English meaning of iraade se


  • intentionally

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इरादे से के हिंदी अर्थ


  • प्रतिबद्धता से

اِرادے سے کے اردو معانی

فعل متعلق

  • عزم سے

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iraade se

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