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hiqaarat kii nigaah se dekhnaa

Look down on somebody

hiqaarat kii nazar nigaah se dekhnaa

hiqaarat se dekhnaa

dushman kii nigaah se dekhnaa

qadr kii nigaah se dekhnaa

nafrat kii nigaah se dekhnaa

tirchhii nigaah se dekhnaa

cast unkind looks, look angrily at

miiThii nigaah se dekhnaa

maqsad kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

be very stern, watch closely or angrily

rashk kii nazar se dekhnaa

qahr kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

raGbat kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

nigaah dekhnaa

zahr kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

mauhuum kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa


contemptuous look

nigaah se nigaah milnaa

maa'zarat talab nigaaho.n se dekhnaa

nigaah kar dekhnaa

majbuur nigaaho.n se dekhnaa


disdain, contempt, scorn, contemptibleness, despicableness, baseness, vileness, disgrace, affront

vaq'at se dekhnaa

nigaah se guzarnaa

nigaah ulaT kar dekhnaa

Te.Dhii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

rashk se dekhnaa

sone kaa nivaala khilaanaa aur sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

to feed lavishly and keep an eagle's eye (to allude to luxurious but strictly disciplined upbringing)

Te.Dhii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

look angrily at

aa.nkh se dekhnaa

Gaur se dekhnaa

observe minutely

nazar-e-Gaur se dekhnaa

to see penetratingly

nigaah kii gardish

duur se tamaashaa dekhnaa

chashm-e-kam se dekhnaa

achchhii nazar se dekhnaa

kan-a.nkhiyo.n se dekhnaa

look sideways, cast a sidelong look or glance, looking through the corners of eyes

gandii nazar se dekhnaa

To leer, To ogle

aa.nkho.n se dekhnaa

na.ngii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

nigaah se bachnaa

nigaah se nigalnaa

nigaah se giraanaa

nigaah se girnaa

nigaah se Tapaknaa

ghuurii se dekhnaa

miiThii-miiThii nazro.n se dekhnaa

siidhii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

nigaah kii ghulaavaT

nigaah se chhupaa honaa

nigaah uThaa kar na dekhnaa

not even to look at, show complete indifference

miiThii nazar.o se dekhnaa

dekhne kii tarah dekhnaa

niilii-piilii aa.nkho.n se dekhnaa

miiThii aa.nkho.n se dekhnaa



KHariidaar kii nigaah

niichii niichii nazro.n se dekhnaa

karaahat se dekhnaa

look down upon, abominate, scorn

nigaah kii gardish uThaanaa

Meaning of hiqaarat kii nigaah se dekhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

hiqaarat kii nigaah se dekhnaa

हिक़ारत की निगाह से देखनाحِقارَت کی نِگاہ سے دیکھنا

Critique us (hiqaarat kii nigaah se dekhnaa)





English meaning of hiqaarat kii nigaah se dekhnaa


  • Look down on somebody
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