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ghar kaa gharvaa karnaa

ghar kaa gharvaa

ghar kaa gharvaa kar denaa

ghar kaa gharvaa honaa

chaar din me.n ghar kaa gharvaa ho jaanaa

ghar kaa safaayaa karnaa


a toy-house, small house

laakh kaa ghar KHaak karnaa

raa.nD napuutii karnaa ke ghar ma.nDii , 'aashiqo.n ke ghar ka.Daakaa

ghar ke ghar tabaah karnaa

ghar ko be-charaaG karnaa

ghar ke ghar chaupaT karnaa

ghar ke ghar KHaalii karnaa

la.Daa.ii kaa ghar

hotbed of quarrels, quarrel-provoking (person, etc.), firebrand, bone of contention

kii.Do.n kaa ghar

ghar bhaa.e.n bhaa.e.n karnaa

home to look desolate or deserted

la.Daa.ii kaa ghar haa.nsii, rog kaa ghar khaa.nsii

la.Daa.ii kaa ghar haa.nsii, biimaarii kaa ghar khaa.nsii

makka.D kaa ghar

ghar chaardah karnaa

ghar me.n ghar la.Daa.ii kaa Dar

dozaKH me.n ghar karnaa

gu.Diyaa kaa ghar

ghar kaa kuu.Daa

ghar kaa bhaa.Daa

uj.De ghar kaa bale.nDaa

putliyo.n me.n ghar karnaa

become very dear

dil me.n ghar karnaa

become a confidante to, befriend

ghar ghar kaa, saath nar kaa

dil me.n ghar paidaa karnaa

ghar-daar karnaa

aa.nkho.n me.n ghar karnaa

cleverly make something disappear in front of the eyes

ghar se be-ghar karnaa

drive one out of home, evict

ghar barbaad karnaa

ruin the house or family

ghar viiraan karnaa

ghar aabaad karnaa

get married

ghar aabaad karnaa

to take a wife, to build up a house or family, to beget children, to make a home prosperous, or cheerful

ghar kaa bojh pa.Dnaa

ghar kaa jogii jog.Daa

aa.nkh me.n ghar karnaa

ghar vaale kaa ek ghar, nighre ke sau ghar

The family man has a house and home, the homeless man amongst a hundred may roam.

duusre ke ghar kaa kuu.Daa

ii.nT kaa ghar miTTii kaa dar

faqiir kaa ghar ba.Daa hai

allaah kaa ghar ba.Daa hai

allaah kaa ghar

Ka'aba, any mosque

ghar tabaah karnaa

suunaa ghar bha.Do.n kaa raaj

ghar kaa mard

the man of a house

qissa kaa ghar

paraa.e ghar kaa kuu.Daa hai

ghar me.n baiThe shikaar karnaa

ghar band karnaa

siidhaa ghar KHudaa kaa

a.ndhere ghar kaa ujaalaa

apple of one's eye, especially an only child, a very beautiful child

ghar taa'miir karnaa

ghar kaa charaaG

house lamp, the light of the house, the cause of the fame of the family and relatives, the illuminator of the family name, the son

aa.iine kaa ghar

ghar kaa gharvaayaa

ghar kaa aadamii

Meaning ofSee meaning ghar kaa gharvaa karnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

ghar kaa gharvaa karnaa

घर का घरवा करनाگَھر کا گَھرْوا کَرنا


घर का घरवा करना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • घर को घरौंदा बना देना, तबाह कर देना, पूरे घर को नुक़्सान पहुंचाना, घर का नास मिला देना

گَھر کا گَھرْوا کَرنا کے اردو معانی


  • گھر کو گھروندا بنا دینا ، تباہ کردینا ، پورے گھر کو نقصان پہنچانا ، گھر کا ناس ملا دینا.

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ghar kaa gharvaa karnaa

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