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do do haath karnaa


do-do haath

do-do haath la.Dnaa

do-do haath dekhnaa

do haath me.n

do-do haath dikhaanaa

do-do haath uchhalnaa

do haath uchhalnaa

become very anxious, be restless

do Tuk.De karnaa

do haath zyaada honaa

do karnaa

cut into two, bisect

do haath honaa

do-do haath chalnaa

do qaash karnaa

do haath chalnaa

do qalam karnaa

do baataa.n karnaa

do ko.Dii kaa karnaa

do haath kii rassii

do haath aage honaa

be superior (in some quality or vice)

dil kaa do-do haath uchhalnaa

do pushta karnaa

do-do cho.nche.n karnaa

do-do kalaam karnaa

do palkaa karnaa

do tiin karnaa

do paise paidaa karnaa

do Tok karnaa

cut out in two, separate, decide, finalize

do Tuuk vaar karnaa

do haath lagaa kar

chup.Dii aur do do

double advantageous, as per one's wishes, double the better

nau do gyaarah karnaa

do pahar karnaa

do aur do chaar

two and two make four, allusion to something logical, true and straight

do gooder


very near

do haath se taalii bajnaa



do baate.n

a few words, little chat

do laba.ii

do-do baate.n

do farz pa.Dhnaa


few, different, every two

do ko.Dii kaa

worth two cowries, worthless

do gaa.Daa maarnaa

do bol pa.Dhvaanaa

get married (in a simple ceremony), marry a girl off in a quiet and inexpensive ceremony


two, few, some, separate, paired, give

do hatta.D talvaar

do harf pa.Dhnaa

do bagghaa la.Daanaa

daal pesh do

do hatta.D barsaanaa

do hatta.D chalnaa

do hatta.D piiTnaa

do bol pa.Dhnaa

do kalme pa.Dhnaa

do gha.Dii bajnaa

do baato.n me.n

well to do

do haath kaa kalejaa ho jaanaa

Meaning of do do haath karnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

do do haath karnaa

दो दो हाथ करनाدو دو ہاتھ کَرْنا

Critique (do do haath karnaa)





English meaning of do do haath karnaa

  • fight

दो दो हाथ करना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • लड़ना झगड़ना, मद-ए-मुक़ाबिल होना, मुक़ाबला करना

دو دو ہاتھ کَرْنا کے اردو معانی

  • لڑنا جھگڑنا ، مدِمقابل ہونا ، مقابلہ کرنا .

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