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din raat kaa farq honaa

raat-din kaa farq hai

din-raat kaa bakhe.Daa

din kii raat honaa

unniis-biis kaa farq honaa

differ very slightly

yak qadam kaa farq honaa

barely distanced

zamiin-o-aasmaan kaa farq honaa

raat-din baraabar honaa

nuqta kaa farq na honaa

zamiin aasmaan kaa farq honaa

na din ko din samjhaa , na raat ko raat

din ko din aur raat ko raat na samajhnaa

work round the clock, be totally absorbed in work or business, be oblivious of time


all the time, always


day and night, all time, every time, always

raat ko din karnaa

raat ko din banaanaa

puuchho din kii bataa.e raat kii

zamiin aur aasmaan kaa farq honaa

raat-din sher kaa saamnaa hai

din 'iid raat shab-e-baraat

allusion to a life of continuous gaiety and festivity

din duunaa raat chau-gunaa

musavvir kaa farq

din do-gunaa raat chau-gunaa

din ko raat kahnaa

din ko sharm raat ko baGl garm

din dekhnaa na raat

farq honaa

din roz-e-'iid raat shab-e-baraat

kabhii raat ba.Dii kabhii din ba.Daa

farq zaahir honaa

andhe ko din raat baraabar hai

chand din kaa mehmaan honaa

do gha.Dii din yaa raat rahe

din raat ek karnaa

aasmaan-o-zamiin kaa farq

nigaah me.n farq honaa

din raat suulii par guzarnaa

zabaan me.n farq honaa

to differ from one's word or command

dil me.n farq honaa


nazar me.n farq honaa

nutfe me.n farq honaa

raat din ek karnaa

work incessantly

taaliif tasniif kaa farq

aasmaan zamiin kaa farq

a very great difference

zamiin aasmaan kaa farq

great difference

saare din uunii-uunii raat ko charKHaa puunii

kaho din kii sune raat kii

kaho din kii suno raat kii

buraa din burii raat karnaa

burii raat buraa din karnaa

unniis biis kaa farq

baras din kaa din

raat tho.Dii honaa

raat kaa a.ndhaa

night blindness, nyctalopia

diin-o-duniyaa kaa faa.eda honaa

hisaab me.n farq aanaa honaa

accounts not be balanced, show discrepancy in balance

paidaa.ish kaa din

raat ba.Dii honaa

raat ka.Dii honaa

aasmaan aur zamiin kaa farq

Meaning of din raat kaa farq honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

din raat kaa farq honaa

दिन रात का फ़र्क़ होनाدِن رات کا فَرْق ہونا

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दिन रात का फ़र्क़ होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • बिल्कुल अलग होना, बहुत ज़्यादा फ़र्क़ होना

دِن رات کا فَرْق ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • بالکل مختلف ہونا، بہت زیادہ فرق ہونا

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