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dam dam me.n

dam me.n dam rahnaa

live, exist

dam me.n hazaar dam

dam me.n haazir dam me.n Gaa.ib

dam me.n dam aanaa

return to one's senses, energy to restore, revive

dam hii dam me.n

dam me.n dam baaqii honaa

dam hii dam me.n rakhnaa

dam me.n paanii dam me.n aag honaa

dam ke dam me.n

ko.ii dam me.n

in an instant, soon, shortly, immediately

dam bhar me.n kuchh dam bhar me.n kuchh

dam bhar me.n taula dam bhar me.n maasha

qadmo.n me.n dam denaa

dam khaTke me.n pa.Dnaa

putlii me.n dam pa.Dnaa

naak me.n dam

nathno.n me.n dam phuu.nknaa

dam me.n laanaa

dam me.n rakhnaa

dam ziiq me.n karnaa

ziiq me.n dam honaa

to be in a pickle. be troubled

nathno.n me.n dam aTaknaa

nathno.n me.n dam karnaa

naako.n me.n dam karnaa

nathno.n me.n dam aanaa

dam me.n

dam me.n rahnaa

dam dhukdukii me.n honaa

nathno.n me.n dam rahnaa

dam nathno.n me.n honaa

nathno.n me.n dam honaa

daam me.n pa.Dnaa

halq me.n dam honaa

dam me.n aafat aanaa

dam jhaa.nso.n me.n aanaa

aa.nkho.n me.n dam aTaknaa

aa.nkho.n me.n dam laanaa

aa.nkho.n me.n dam aanaa

putlii me.n dam pa.D jaanaa

dam dhaage me.n Taal denaa

dam gintii me.n pa.Daa honaa

siine me.n dam aTaknaa

siine me.n dam ghabraanaa

dam naak me.n karnaa

dam naak me.n rakhnaa

siine me.n dam ulajhnaa

siine me.n dam ruknaa

dam gale me.n aTaknaa

dam naak me.n laanaa

siine me.n dam chalnaa

siine me.n dam ghuTnaa

aa.nkho.n me.n dam honaa

gha.Dii me.n gha.Diyaal ek dam me.n bho.nchaal

dam-zadan me.n

dam bhar me.n

in no time, in an instant


to worry, harass

dam hazaar dam

naak me.n dam honaa

be annoyed, be fed up

dam naak me.n honaa

Meaning of dam dam me.n in English,

Hindi & Urdu

dam dam me.n

दम दम मेंدَم دَم میں

Critique (dam dam me.n)




दम दम में के हिंदी अर्थ

फ़ारसी, हिंदी - क्रिया-विशेषण

  • बार बार, घड़ी घड़ी

دَم دَم میں کے اردو معانی

فارسی، ہندی - فعل متعلق

  • بار بار، گھڑی گھڑی

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