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siine me.n aag lagnaa

a.nt.Diyo.n me.n aag lagnaa

to be famished, to be starved, to be very hungry

baazaar me.n aag lagnaa

badan me.n aag lagnaa

dil me.n aag lagnaa

tan-badan me.n aag lagnaa

burn with anger or jealousy, fly into passion, be enraged, be very jealous, to be angry

tan-man me.n aag lagnaa me.n aag lagnaa

To become a widow.

siine me.n pa.nkhe lagnaa

siine me.n chhaaj lagnaa me.n aag lagnaa

become widowed

peT me.n aag lagnaa

feel very hungry

kaleje me.n aag lagnaa

kaleje me.n aag lagnaa

rage, feel jealous

ghar me.n aag lagnaa

ghar me.n aag lagnaa

aag me.n aag lagaanaa

tan-badan me.n aag lagaanaa

badan me.n aag lagaanaa

dil me.n aag lagaanaa

me.n aag lagaanaa

siine lagnaa

talvo.n se aag lagnaa

aag talvo.n se lagnaa

be consumed with rage or jealousy

aag lagnaa

catch fire, burn, burn with envy or rage, become costly, feel intense hunger, writhe, be incensed

aag me.n pa.Dnaa

aag me.n pa.De

ghar me.n aag lagaanaa

jigar me.n aag lagaanaa

to give pain (to), to occasion trouble, to bother

paanii me.n aag lagaanaa

attempt the impossible

paanii me.n aag lagaanaa

aag paanii me.n lagaanaa

ghar me.n aag lagaanaa

aag me.n phaa.ndnaa

aag me.n jho.nknaa

cast into fire

daruunaa ko aag lagnaa

talve se aag lagnaa

flare up, be angry

dil siine me.n dha.Daknaa

aag me.n jaa.e

dil me.n aag bha.Dkaanaa

siine me.n saa.ns a.Dnaa

siine se lagnaa

saa.ns siine me.n a.Dnaa

aag me.n bhuun.naa

jaltii aag me.n chho.Dnaa

siine me.n naasuur pa.Dnaa

holii me.n aag lagaanaa

paraa.ii aag me.n kuudnaa

to invite trouble by interfering in others' affairs

aag me.n phuu.nknaa

dil ke bhitar aag lagnaa

siine me.n dafn karnaa

siine me.n rakhnaa

jaltii aag me.n kuud pa.Dnaa

jump into a dangerous situation, invite trouble

Gusse me.n aag rahnaa

siine me.n dam aTaknaa

siine me.n dam ghabraanaa

siine me.n dam ulajhnaa

dil siine me.n ulajhnaa

siine me.n dam ruknaa

siine me.n dam chalnaa

Meaning of siine me.n aag lagnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

siine me.n aag lagnaa

सीने में आग लगनाسِینے میں آگ لَگْنا

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सीने में आग लगना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • सैन्य में जलन होना , दिल पर बहुत ज़्यादा सदमा होना, ग़मगीं होना

سِینے میں آگ لَگْنا کے اردو معانی


  • سِینے میں جلن ہونا ؛ دل پر بہت زیادہ صدمہ ہونا ، غمگین ہونا .

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