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sher kii aa.nkh dekhnaa

sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

be very stern, watch closely or angrily

maqsad kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

qahr kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

raGbat kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

zahr kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

aa.nkh dekhnaa

mauhuum kii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

sone kaa nivaala khilaanaa aur sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

to feed lavishly and keep an eagle's eye (to allude to luxurious but strictly disciplined upbringing)

Te.Dhii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

Te.Dhii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

look angrily at

aa.nkh bhar ke dekhnaa

cast angry look (at)

aa.nkh se dekhnaa

na.ngii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

aa.nkh bhar dekhnaa

to ogle at someone

apnii aa.nkh kaa shahtiir dekhnaa

sher kii pairaa.ii

sher kii tairaa.ii

siidhii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

aa.nkh daab kar dekhnaa

aa.nkh dabaa kar dekhnaa

sher kii nazar

baariik aa.nkh suu.n dekhnaa

to see incisively

sher kii kachhaar

lion's habitat

aa.nkh kii kiicha.D

korii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

ek aa.nkh se dekhnaa

treat people equally

chor aa.nkh se dekhnaa

aa.nkh phailaa kar dekhnaa

aa.nkh bhar kar dekhnaa

aa.nkh uThaa kar dekhnaa

mailii aa.nkh se dekhnaa

sab ko ek aa.nkh dekhnaa

aa.nkh kii gardish

sher kii KHaala

lion's aunt, cat, there are many similarities between a cat and a lion, that is why a cat is called a lion's aunt

dekhne kii tarah dekhnaa

Gusse kii aa.nkh

aa.nkh kii safaidii

sher kii bolii bolnaa

to vomit with a loud noise

aa.nkh se na dekhnaa

aa.nkh kii Tha.nDak

a dear one

qasaa.ii kii nazar dekhnaa

qasaa.ii kii nazar dekhnaa

ghulaavaT kii aa.nkh

allaah kii taraf dekhnaa

aa.nkh uThaa kar naa dekhnaa

not to raise the eyes and look

zamaane kii ra.ngat dekhnaa

zindagii kii bahaar dekhnaa

to witness the youth of one's lifespan

zaahir kii aa.nkh

zamaane kii havaa dekhnaa

dushmano.n kii aa.nkh me.n KHaak

dushman kii nigaah se dekhnaa

kisii ko aa.nkh uThaa kar na dekhnaa

qadr kii nigaah se dekhnaa

aa.nkh kii putlii

too dear, very dear, progeny

marg kii aa.nkh

mirg kii aa.nkh

jaalii kii aa.nkh

duniyaa kii bahaar dekhnaa

aasmaan kii taraf dekhnaa

Meaning of sher kii aa.nkh dekhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

sher kii aa.nkh dekhnaa

शेर की आँख देखनाشیر کی آن٘کھ دیکْھنا

Critique us (sher kii aa.nkh dekhnaa)





शेर की आँख देखना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ग़ज़बआलूद नज़र से देखना

شیر کی آن٘کھ دیکْھنا کے اردو معانی


  • غضب آلود نظر سے دیکھنا .

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