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putlaa badhaan karnaa

sa.ndhaan ba.ndhaan Dhiile karnaa

to cause to weaken or loosen the joints of body, scare, frighten

putlaa gaa.Dnaa

mash flour or drinking tobacco buried to making a kind of magic to reduce the effect of Jadi etc.

sadqe kaa putlaa

'aish kaa putlaa

'aql kaa putlaa

clever, skilful


a person who is a perfect example of a quality or a type, epitome


the back on which things are tied

haa.D maas kaa putlaa

haa.D maas kii putlaa

sharaafat kaa putlaa

A finished gentleman, an accomplished gentleman.

zaraafat kaa putlaa

vafaa kaa putlaa

faithful, sincere

baaruud kaa putlaa

maash kaa putlaa

sharm kaa putlaa

jaaduu kaa putlaa

an magical phenomenon, the beloved

Gam kaa putlaa

lauz kaa putlaa

naaz kaa putlaa

havas kaa putlaa

vahm kaa putlaa

one who is completely deluded, superstitious, valetudinarian

zahr kaa putlaa

Galatii kaa putlaa

aag kaa putlaa aag ko dhaa.e

miTTii kaa putlaa

clay portrait, the body made with clay, Metaphorically: human, men

aafat kaa putlaa

mom kaa putlaa

hairat kaa putlaa

kaan kaa putlaa

credulous, easily deceived or misled

nekii kaa putlaa

aag kaa putlaa

furious, hot tempered

balaa kaa putlaa

charbii kaa putlaa

jhuuT kaa putlaa

pasiine kaa putlaa

perspiration that is absorbed by soil during physical exercise and creates a wet, halo-like shape on earth

kaaTh kaa putlaa

baaruut kaa putlaa

kaaT kaa putlaa

nuur kaa putlaa

kal kaa putlaa

KHaak kaa putlaa

man, human being, the human body

putlaa KHaak kaa


putlaa banaa ke jalaanaa

burn an effigy


guu kaa putlaa hai


insaan KHataa kaa putlaa hai

To err is human.

taan ba.ndhaan se

patlaa karnaa

to thin, dilute


a large bundle


a kind of chapati (bread) who backed on pan with oil

patlaa haal karnaa

haal patlaa karnaa

paanii se patlaa karnaa

disgrace, dishonour, shame, abash

nayan kii potlii karnaa

hu.Dda.ngaa karnaa

hu.Dda.nge karnaa

cha.Dhaa.ii karnaa

chide, scold, berate

tu.Daa.ii karnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning putlaa badhaan karnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

putlaa badhaan karnaa

पुतला बधान करनाپُتْلا بَدھان کَرنا


पुतला बधान करना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • (हिंदू) जब कोई शख़्स परदेस में मिर्जाता है तो इस के घर वाले जो इस से दूर होते हैं अपने हाँ इस आग का पुतला बना कर जलाया करते हैं , परदेस में मरे हुए आदमी की क्रियाकर्म करना

پُتْلا بَدھان کَرنا کے اردو معانی


  • (ہندو) جب کوئی شخص پردیس میں مرجاتا ہے تو اس کے گھر والے جو اس سے دور ہوتے ہیں اپنے ہاں اس کا پتلا بنا کر جلایا کرتے ہیں ؛ پردیس میں مرے ہوئے آدمی کی کریا کرم کرنا .

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putlaa badhaan karnaa

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