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paa.nv phuu.nk phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

phuu.nk phuu.nk ke paa.nv rakhnaa

paa.nv phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

paa.nv phuu.nk phuu.nk kar rakhnaa

move very cautiously

phuu.nk phuu.nk ke qadam rakhnaa

qadam phuu.nk-phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

phuk phuu.nk paa.nv rakhnaa

paa.nv phuu.nk ke dharnaa

phuu.nk kar qadam rakhnaa

qadam phuu.nk kar rakhnaa

qadam phuu.nk-phuu.nk ke uThaanaa

ghar phuu.nk tamaashaa dekhnaa

to set (one's) house on fire and look on at the sport', to waste one's substance in idle pleasures

ghar phuu.nk tamaasha dekhnaa

ghar phuu.nk kar tamaashaa dekhnaa

waste one's substance in idle pleasure

duudh kaa jalaa chhaachh phuu.nk phuu.nk kar piitaa hai

once bitten/ burnt twice shy

bilonii kaa jalaa maTThaa phuu.nk phuu.nk piye

duudh kaa jalaa chhaachh bhii phuu.nk phuu.nk kar piitaa hai

A burnt child dreads the fire.

jhaa.D-phuu.nk ke phere Daalnaa

phuu.nk chho.Dnaa

phuu.nk pa.Dnaa

da.Dbe ko phuu.nk denaa

aa.ii mauj faqiir kii diyaa jho.npa.Daa phuu.nk

shaitaan kaa kaan me.n phuu.nk denaa


to exorcise, to repeat spells or charms over (a sick person)

shaitaan kaa kaan me.n phuu.nk maarnaa

bilonii kaa jalaa chhaachh ko phuu.nk phuu.nk kar piitaa hai

phuu.nk denaa

blow a charm or spell (to bring someone under influence), cause grief, set on fire, burn down, spread a rumour or report, to waste (money), whisper or breathe into one's ear

phuu.nk phuu.nknaa

diyaa-salaa.ii phuu.nk denaa

na.ii ruuh phuu.nk denaa

tan-badan phuu.nk denaa

burned off, to burn the body

phuu.nk maaro to u.D jaa.e.n

someone very thin and feeble

duud kaa jaliyaa chaachh phuu.nk piitaa hai


blow, breath, puff, the act of blowing, a puff of hookah,(something) very light in weight,(something) very thin, light (ornament), charm or incantation breathed over someone

kaan me.n phuu.nk denaa

ghar phuu.nk denaa

phuu.nk saa aadmii

frail and delicate man

ghar phuu.nk tamaashaa


phuu.nk saraknaa

phuu.nk lagaanaa

phuu.nk maarnaa


phuu.nk Daalnaa

burn to ashes, destroy, wreck, squander a fortune

phuu.nk bharnaa

har ek ke kaan me.n shaitaan ne phuu.nk maar dii hai ki tere baraabar ko.ii nahii.n

pare phuu.nk do

tan-e-be-jaa.n me.n ruuh phuu.nk denaa

phuu.nk mashaal uThaa chaupaalaa

jalaa kar phuu.nk denaa

kaan me.n phuu.nk jaanaa



pachchhim se phuu.nk puurab me.n utaar denaa


phuu.nk sarak jaanaa

be panic-stricken, be scared stiff

ruupayaa phuu.nk Daalnaa

mujhii de sop to haatho.n phuu.nk

dam banaa rahe phuu.nk nikal jaa.e

ruupaya phuu.nk Daalnaa

spend money blindly, waste money

shaitaan ne kaan me.n phuu.nk maarii hai

Meaning ofSee meaning paa.nv phuu.nk phuu.nk ke rakhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

paa.nv phuu.nk phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

पाँव फूँक फूँक के रखनाپاؤں پُھونْک پُھونْک کے رَکھنا

پاؤں پُھونْک پُھونْک کے رَکھنا کے اردو معانی


  • ۔ (اس جگہ پھونک پھونک کے پاؤں رکھنا زبانوں پر ہے۔) دیکھو پھونک پھونک کے۔

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paa.nv phuu.nk phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

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