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phuu.nk phuu.nk kar qadam rakhnaa

phuu.nk kar qadam rakhnaa

qadam phuu.nk kar rakhnaa

phuu.nk phuu.nk ke qadam rakhnaa

phuu.nk phuu.nk kar qadam dharnaa

phuu.nk phuu.nk kar qadam uThaanaa

qadam phuu.nk-phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

paa.nv phuu.nk phuu.nk kar rakhnaa

move very cautiously

dekh kar qadam rakhnaa

ghar phuu.nk kar tamaashaa dekhnaa

waste one's substance in idle pleasure

qadam sa.nbhaal kar rakhnaa

qadam naap kar rakhnaa

qadam tol kar rakhnaa

phuu.nk phuu.nk ke qadam dharnaa

be very cautious, take every precaution, look before one leaps

phuu.nk phuu.nk kar paa.nv rakhanaa

gin gin kar qadam rakhnaa

To walk very cautiously and slowly

naap tol kar qadam rakhnaa

take steps with great care

qadam phuu.nk-phuu.nk ke uThaanaa

paa.nv phuu.nk phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

phuu.nk phuu.nk ke paa.nv rakhnaa

phuu.nk phuu.nk kar

paa.nv phuu.nk ke rakhnaa

qadam par qadam rakhnaa

phuk phuu.nk paa.nv rakhnaa

duudh kaa jalaa chhaachh phuu.nk phuu.nk kar piitaa hai

once bitten/ burnt twice shy

qadam gaa.D-gaa.D rakhnaa

jalaa kar phuu.nk denaa

duudh kaa jalaa chhaachh bhii phuu.nk phuu.nk kar piitaa hai

A burnt child dreads the fire.

qadam rakhnaa

step in, enter, to walk to reach

duniyaa me.n qadam rakhnaa

ghar phuu.nk tamaashaa dekhnaa

to set (one's) house on fire and look on at the sport', to waste one's substance in idle pleasures

qadam KHilaaf rakhnaa

ghar phuu.nk tamaasha dekhnaa

bilonii kaa jalaa chhaachh ko phuu.nk phuu.nk kar piitaa hai

zamiin par qadam rakhnaa

qadam jabii.n par rakhnaa

qadam aage rakhnaa

to step into, to foray

raah-e-KHudaa me.n qadam rakhnaa

to take to the path of God, to pray

qadam na rakhnaa

aa.nkho.n par qadam rakhnaa

qadam aa.nkho.n par rakhnaa

qadam dekhnaa

qadam dho-dho kar piinaa

dam qadam dekhnaa

sar-o-chashm par qadam rakhnaa

ghar phuu.nk kar biraa maarnaa

qadam zamiin par na rakhnaa

zamiin par qadam na rakhnaa

be greatly elated, strut proudly or joyfully

qadam uThaa kar

bach ke qadam rakhnaa

jaada-e-itaa'at se qadam baahar rakhnaa

aasmaan par qadam rakhnaa

boast, be conceited

qadam sar par rakhnaa

qadam par sar rakhnaa

sar qadam par rakhnaa

gin gin kar qadam dharnaa

sar se qadam rakhnaa

qadam milaa kar chalnaa

qadam gin gin ke rakhnaa

gin gin ke qadam rakhnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning phuu.nk kar qadam rakhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

phuu.nk kar qadam rakhnaa

फूँक कर क़दम रखनाپُھون٘ک کَرْ قَدَم رَکْھنا


फूँक कर क़दम रखना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • रुक : फूंक फूंक कर पांव / क़दम रखना

پُھون٘ک کَرْ قَدَم رَکْھنا کے اردو معانی

  • رک : پھون٘ک پھون٘ک کر پان٘و / قدم رکھنا۔

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phuu.nk kar qadam rakhnaa

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