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nutfe me.n farq honaa

nutfe me.n KHalal honaa

nigaah me.n farq honaa

zabaan me.n farq honaa

to differ from one's word or command

dil me.n farq honaa


nazar me.n farq honaa

nutfe kaa in'iqaad honaa

hisaab me.n farq aanaa honaa

accounts not be balanced, show discrepancy in balance

nutfa mun'aqid honaa

zaahir aur baatin me.n farq honaa

nutfe se honaa

dil me.n farq pa.Dnaa

nazar me.n farq pa.Dnaa

vaz' me.n farq aanaa

'izzat me.n farq aanaa

dilo.n me.n farq aanaa

be no longer mutually friend, be no longer on good terms

dil me.n farq Dalvaanaa

ashGaal me.n farq aanaa

to be interrupted in work

shaan me.n farq aanaa

dil me.n farq Daalnaa

dil me.n farq aanaa

nutfa honaa

farq honaa

niyyat me.n farq aanaa

suddenly have an evil intention

farq zaahir honaa

basaarat me.n farq aanaa

baat me.n farq aanaa

saakh me.n farq aanaa

aan me.n farq aanaa

unniis-biis kaa farq honaa

differ very slightly

nutfa honaa

yak qadam kaa farq honaa

barely distanced

zamiin-o-aasmaan kaa farq honaa

aasmaan zamiin me.n farq na rahnaa

nuqta kaa farq na honaa

din raat kaa farq honaa

zamiin aasmaan kaa farq honaa

zamiin aur aasmaan kaa farq honaa

farq pa.Dnaa

difference to occur, dispute to occur

farq Dalvaanaa

farq farmaanaa


difference, distinction, different



farq karnaa

distinguish, discriminate, differentiate, show partiality

farq nikalnaa

farq laanaa

farq nikaalnaa

discover an error or discrepancy (in accounts), ratification

farq Daalnaa

farq rakhnaa


musavvir kaa farq

me.n Te.Dhaa honaa

nutfa karnaa


from difference

me.n Te.Dh honaa

farq baaqii rahnaa

'iddat me.n honaa

me.n daaG honaa

gardish me.n honaa

me.n tho.De-tho.De honaa

Meaning of nutfe me.n farq honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

nutfe me.n farq honaa

नुतफ़े में फ़र्क़ होनाنُطفے میں فَرق ہونا

Critique us (nutfe me.n farq honaa)





नुतफ़े में फ़र्क़ होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ये तहक़ीक़ ना होना कि किस का नुतफ़ा है , हरामी होना, बज़ात होना

نُطفے میں فَرق ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • یہ تحقیق نہ ہونا کہ کس کا نطفہ ہے ؛ حرامی ہونا ، بذات ہونا

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