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naam KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

lose one's reputation

'izzat KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

kiyaa karaayaa KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

hard work or something done to go waste

laakh kaa ghar KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

KHaak me.n mil jaa.e

KHaak me.n ga.D jaanaa

paivand me.n paivand mil jaanaa

miTTii me.n mil jaanaa

hameshgii me.n mil jaanaa

suurat KHaak me.n chhup jaanaa

KHaak jha.D jaanaa

fiqra mil jaanaa

mil jaanaa

be found, be recovered, be received, come together, come across, get mixed up, join together, be reconciled

diido.n me.n KHaak

mu.nh me.n KHaak

may it never come to pass! may your words have no effect!

gavaah kaa mil jaanaa

KHaak me.n KHaak milnaa

KHaak me.n KHaak milaanaa

me'raaj mil jaanaa

naa.o.n me.n KHaak u.Daanaa

zahr mil jaanaa

ghul-mil jaanaa

mix, be friends with

mil-jul jaanaa

naav me.n KHaak u.Daanaa

havaa me.n KHaak u.Daanaa

KHaak me.n milvaanaa

KHaak me.n dabaanaa

aa.nkho.n me.n KHaak

ghar me.n KHaak u.Dnaa

have nothing in the house to eat

ghar me.n KHaak u.Daanaa

naam pa.D jaanaa

be called by another name, have an appellation

naam u.D jaanaa

naam ba.Dh jaanaa

diido.n me.n KHaak jho.nknaa

yaarii mil jaanaa

'izzat KHaak me.n milaanaa

KHairiyat mil jaanaa

mu.nh me.n KHaak bharnaa

mere mu.nh me.n KHaak

apology when saying something obvious, may it never come to pass! may my words have no effect!

tumhaare mu.nh me.n KHaak

dushmano.n ke mu.nh me.n KHaak

fard me.n naam cha.Dhaanaa

enlist, enrol

KHaak me.n rulnaa

KHaak me.n milnaa

come to naught, (plans) be ruined, (hopes) be dashed, die

KHaak me.n loTnaa

KHaak me.n sulaanaa

KHaak me.n milaanaa

reduce to ashes

KHaak me.n ralaa

KHaak me.n Daalnaa

ignore, disregard, make null and void

dushmano.n kii aa.nkh me.n KHaak

numuud KHaak me.n milnaa

aarzuu KHaak me.n milaanaa

daulat KHaak me.n milnaa

aarzuu KHaak me.n milnaa

tumhaare mu.nh me.n KHaak

tere mu.nh me.n KHaak

hil mil jaanaa

mix up (with people), be intimate

mohlat mil jaanaa

naam dharaa jaanaa

miTTii se miTTii mil jaanaa

burial of the deceased

Meaning of naam KHaak me.n mil jaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

naam KHaak me.n mil jaanaa

नाम ख़ाक में मिल जानाنام خاک میں مِل جانا

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English meaning of naam KHaak me.n mil jaanaa


  • lose one's reputation
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नाम ख़ाक में मिल जाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • बेइज़्ज़त हो जाना, नामवरी बाक़ी ना रहना, कमाल अबे क़दर और बेवुक़त हो जाना

نام خاک میں مِل جانا کے اردو معانی


  • ۔ ناموری باقی نہ رہنا۔ کمال بے قدر اور بے وقعت ہوجانا۔ ؎
  • بے عزت ہو جانا ، ناموری باقی نہ رہنا ، کمال ِبے قدر اور بے وقعت ہو جانا ۔

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