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a ritual gift given to the bride upon her first appearance after marriage

mu.nh dikhaa.ii

mu.nh dikhaa.ii denaa

mu.nh dekhii

mu.nh dekho

mu.nh dekhii baate.n

mu.nh dekhe kii baate.n

maraa mu.nh dekho

mu.nh dekhe kii

mu.nh dekhe kaa

mu.nh dekhaa karnaa

mu.nh dekhe kii ulft

pretended friendship or affection

mu.nh dekhe kii taa'riif



on the face, flattery


mu.nh-dekhii mohabbat

mu.nh dekhii kahnaa

mu.nh dekhe kii baate.n

mu.nh dekhe kii chaah

mu.nh dekhe kii ulfat

show of regard or friendship before a person, mere show of friendship or love, apparent friendship or affection

andhii maa.n puuto.n kaa nij mu.nh dekhe

mu.nh dikhaa saknaa

mu.nh dekhaa karnaa

mu.nh dekhe kii

mu.nh dekhii kahnaa

mu.nh dekhe kaa

sahar kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa

some thinks that if we wake up in the morning and see the face of a lucky person, all the work gets done correct-fully and if you see the miser or the unfortunate, then all the work gets spoiled

mu.nh-dekhe kii mohabbat

mu.nh dekhe kii piit

mu.nh dekhe kii yaarii

mu.nh dekhe kii priit

sub.h kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa thaa

what an inauspicious day!

mu.nh dekhii sab kahte hai.n, KHudaa lagtii ko.ii nahii.n kahtaa

aaj sub.h kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa thaa

a rueful expression on suffering a series of disappointments or losses on a particular day

jaise piiTh dikhaa.e jaate ho, KHudaa tumhaaraa mu.nh dikhaa.e

vaah mu.nh to dekho

mu.nh to dekho

just look at his face!

aa.iine me.n mu.nh to dekho

baa.ndii ke aage baa.ndii me.nh dekhe na aa.ndhii

KHudaa mu.nh na dikhaa.e

may God keep him off!

mujhii mu.nh na dikhaa

jis kaa mu.nh nahii.n dekhaa us ke talve dekhe

to beseech someone whom you despise

dekhaa shahr ba.ngaalaa daa.nt laal mu.nh kaalaa

mu.nh ko dikhaa saknaa

aa.iina le ke mu.nh to dekho

mu.nh ko dikhaa na saknaa

shero.n ke munh cha.Dhnaa

to confront brave competitor

mu.nh se mu.nh bhi.Daanaa

mu.nh tu.Dvaanaa

ma.Daa mu.nh


mu.nh to.Dnaa

mu.nh jo.Dnaa

whisper, backbite

mu.nh pa.Dii

talk of the town

mu.nh cha.Dhnaa

become someone's favourite

mu.nh phaa.Dnaa

mu.nh biga.Dnaa

be displeased

mu.nh bigaa.Dnaa

make a wry face, frown, sulk, pout, grimace

mu.nh napo.Dnaa

simper, look blank or foolish


Meaning ofSee meaning mu.nh-dikhaa.ii in English, Hindi & Urdu


मुँह-दिखाईمُنْھ دِکھائی

Vazn : 2122

English meaning of mu.nh-dikhaa.ii

Noun, Feminine

  • a ritual gift given to the bride upon her first appearance after marriage
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मुँह-दिखाई के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • शादी के बाद अपनी पहली उपस्थिति में दुल्हन को दिया जाने वाला एक रस्मी उपहार

مُنْھ دِکھائی کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • وہ نقدی جو دلہن کا مُنہ اول ہی اول دیکھ کر اُس کی سسرال کے رشتہ دار اُسے دیتے ہیں

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