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mu.nh-dekhe kii mohabbat

mu.nh dekhe kii

mu.nh-dekhii mohabbat

mu.nh dekhe kii

mu.nh dekhe kii baate.n

mu.nh dekhe kii ulft

pretended friendship or affection

mu.nh dekhe kii taa'riif

mu.nh dekhe kii baate.n

mu.nh dekhe kii chaah

mu.nh dekhe kii ulfat

show of regard or friendship before a person, mere show of friendship or love, apparent friendship or affection

mu.nh dekhe kii piit

mu.nh dekhe kii yaarii

mu.nh dekhe kii priit

mu.nh dekhe kaa

mu.nh dekhe kaa

andhii maa.n puuto.n kaa nij mu.nh dekhe

jis kaa mu.nh nahii.n dekhaa us ke talve dekhe

to beseech someone whom you despise

mohabbat kii qai.nchii

the thing that end the love

mu.nh dekhii

mohabbat kii ruudaad

mohabbat kii duniyaa

worldly love, the limitation of love

mohabbat kii zabaan


mohabbat kii nazar

to cast loving glances (upon), to look kindly or sweetly (upon)

mohabbat kii nigaah

the sight of love

mohabbat kii lau.nDii

the slave of love and affection, the one who subdued with kindness and love

mu.nh dekhii baate.n

mohabbat kii guftaguu

the words of love

mu.nh dekhaa karnaa

paale kii mohabbat

the love or affection that arises in the heart by taking care of another's kid

mohabbat kii buu

mohabbat kii garmii

the passion of love

mohabbat kii maarii

sahar kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa

some thinks that if we wake up in the morning and see the face of a lucky person, all the work gets done correct-fully and if you see the miser or the unfortunate, then all the work gets spoiled



on the face, flattery

mu.nh ko dikhaa saknaa

muhabbat kii shaadii

love-match, a marriage based on the mutual love of the couple rather than social or financial considerations.

mu.nh dekhii kahnaa

mu.nh dikhaa saknaa

mu.nh dekhaa karnaa

mu.nh dekhii kahnaa

mohabbat kii intihaa

mohabbat kii raah se pesh aanaa

to behave well, be gentle

mu.nh kii ka.Dii

mu.nh kii pho.Dii

sub.h kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa thaa

what an inauspicious day!

mu.nh kii

mu.nh ko dikhaa na saknaa

baazaar kii gaalii kis kii jo phir kar dekhe us kii

mohabbat kii nigaahe.n na chhupnaa

to not hid love and affection, showing love and affection

mujhii mu.nh na dikhaa

chaa.nd dekhe

mu.nh kii vafaa

mohabbat kii kasoTii par kasnaa

guess someone's love

mu.nh kii

javaanii kaa sukh dekhe

aaj sub.h kis kaa mu.nh dekhaa thaa

a rueful expression on suffering a series of disappointments or losses on a particular day

mohabbat kaa aaGaaz

beginning of love

mu.nh kii kachchii

mu.nh kii baat chhiin.naa

say what someone else was about to say

Meaning of mu.nh-dekhe kii mohabbat in English, Hindi & Urdu

mu.nh-dekhe kii mohabbat

मुँह-देखे की मोहब्बतمُن٘ہ دیکھے کی مُحَبَّت

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See meaning: mu.nh dekhe kii ulfat

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