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khaa badnaa



enter, penetrate, go through


bet, wager, stake, acknowledge, own, pledge, vow, predestine, stipulate

akhaa.Daa badnaa

jo.D badnaa

picking two wrestlers for wrestling

ho.D badnaa

da.ngaal badnaa

yaad badnaa

to bet upon a forgotten thing

faraamosh badnaa

maidaan badnaa

din badnaa

shart badnaa

kushtii badnaa

nazr badnaa

baazii badnaa

chaah badnaa



rishta badnaa

muqaabala badnaa

of a competition to set

mannat badnaa




chewing, gnawing, eating

suutii badnaa

pech badnaa

yaarii badnaa

paalaa badnaa

ta.Daaqaa khaa jaanaa

panchaayat badnaa

bring an issue before panchayat



zamiin khaa ga.ii yaa aasmaan khaa gayaa

haath badnaa

havaa khaa

khopa.Dii chaaT khaa jaanaa

hau.ns khaa ga.ii

nazro.n me.n khaa jaanaa

maut khaa ga.ii

khaa lenaa

khaa jaanaa

devour, swallow, consume, embezzle, forget, omit (something in the text), harass, tease, taunt

kushtii khaa jaanaa

kachchaa khaa jaanaa

dard khaa kar jan.naa

qasam khaa baiThnaa

qasam khaa jaanaa

nazar khaa jaanaa

khaa baiThnaa

guuh na khaa

aasmaan zamiin khaa ga.e

havaa khaa chuknaa

chal havaa khaa

havaa khaa aanaa


havaa khaa duur ho kaa khaa jaanaa

to rust, oxidization

'aql ghaas khaa jaanaa

Thassii khaa jaanaa

Takkar khaa jaanaa

kuchh khaa lenaa

take poison

nigaaho.n-nigaaho.n me.n khaa jaanaa

zahr khaa marnaa

Meaning of khaa badnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

khaa badnaa

खा बदनाکھا بَدْنا

Critique us (khaa badnaa)





Tags: Figurative

खा बदना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ज़बत कर जाना, ख़ामोश हो जाना, जवाब ना देना, बर्दाश्त कर लेना

کھا بَدْنا کے اردو معانی


  • ضبط کرجانا، خاموش ہوجانا، جواب نہ دینا، برداشت کرلینا

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