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jis qadr

as much as, to whatever extent or degree, to the extent that


whosoever, whichever, each of which

jis kaa

whose, of whom, of which

jis KHudaa ne


while, when, whilst, as soon as, no sooner than

jis kisii kaa

of whatsoever, of whomsoever

jis par bhii

at anyone

jis kisii ko

to whomsoever


amount, appreciation, dignity, honor, merit, value, favour, patronage, greatness, importance

jis din se

qadr jaan.naa

jis ko dekho baavan gaz kii


jis par

at which, whereupon, whereat

jis ko piyaa chaahe vahii suhaagan

master's favourite rules the roost

qadr pahchaan.naa

jis kaa khaa.e us kaa gaa.e

every man praises the bridge who passes over

jis kaa khaa.e usii kaa gaa.e

one praises him who pays him, money commands obedience

jis par pa.De so boje


somehow, whoever, whatever, someone or the other

jis taraf ho 'azm puuraa chaahiye

a man must act with determination to achieve success


jis se

from whom, from which, whereby, as a result of which

jis kii laaThii pa.Dii usii ke sar

bhaT pa.De sonaa jis se TuuTe kaan



knowing value


one who knows the worth of



of high rank, excellent, honorable, prestigious




mastery at striking the target

jis haa.nDii me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

to bite the hand that feeds one, an ungrateful person harms his benefactor

jis pattal me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

jis kaa khaa.e usii kii gaa.e

jis kaa khaa.e us kaa bajaa.e


invaluable, of high value, rank or dignity


people who appreciates connoisseur

qadr khonaa

qadr samajhnaa

qadr kaTnaa

qadr aanaa

qadr khulnaa

qadr karnaa

to value, appreciate, esteem

kisii qadr

somewhat, to an extent, little

jis bartan me.n khaa.e usii me.n chhed kare

forgive someone's favor or goodwill, to harm someone who was the beneficial earlier

jis haa.nDii me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

jis bartan me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

to bite the hand that feeds

jis kii chhurii usii kii naak


respectable, honorable, venerable


knowing the quality or value of persons, connoisseur, one who knows value


his/her majesty or excellency, honourable

chhalnii dose suup ko jis me.n bahttar chhed

the pot calls the kettle black

jis kal chaahnaa nachaanaa


personal assessment, investigation

qadr honaa

jis kii god me.n baiThnaa usii kii daa.Dhii khasoTnaa

it is called for ungrateful and kindness person, the one who gives pain to the kind person

jis kaa kaam usii ko saaje


the one who didn't the value of anybody, valueless


Meaning of jis qadr in English,

Hindi & Urdu

jis qadr

जिस क़द्रجِس قَدْر

Critique (jis qadr)




English meaning of jis qadr


  • as much as, to whatever extent or degree, to the extent that

जिस क़द्र के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ۔जितना। जिस क़दर तरकारी बाज़ार में मिले लेते आना
  • जितना, जिस हद तक

جِس قَدْر کے اردو معانی

فعل متعلق

  • جتنا، جس حد تک
  • جس قدر ترکاری بازار میں ملے، لیتے آنا

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