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daa.ii se peT chhupaanaa

attempt to conceal from one who is in the know

daa.ii se peT nahii.n chhuptaa

kahii.n daa.ii se peT chhuptaa hai

nazar se chhupaanaa

peT se baa.ndhnaa

maa.n peT se

guuda.D se peT bhar diyaa

peT se patthar baa.ndhnaa

starve oneself

peT se paTTii baa.ndhnaa

peT se ii.nT baa.ndhnaa

paraa.e Tuk.Do.n se peT paalnaa

peT se maTkaa baa.ndhnaa

peT se paa.nv nikaalnaa

peT se paa.nv nikalnaa

peT me.n se paa.nv nikaalnaa

peT se zyaada milnaa

ha.nsii se peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

peT se honaa

to be pregnant

chiknii-chup.Dii baato.n se peT nahii.n bhartaa

peT ke bigaa.D se saare bigaa.D hai.n

stomach is the root of all ailments

peT piiTh se lagnaa

starve, be emaciated due to hunger

peT se pair nikaalnaa

muu.iyyaa saa peT

peT se kaaT kii roTii baa.ndhnaa

zaraa saa mu.nh ba.Daa peT

peT piiTh se lag jaanaa

tere mere sadqe me.n uskii joruu peT se

KHudaa ke dene se peT bhartaa hai

haalii kaa peT sahaalii se nahii.n bhartaa

chapaatii saa peT

peT se sote jaarii ho jaanaa


conceal, hide, cover, obscure

chaa.nd chhupaanaa

to change like moon

mu.nh chhupaanaa

hide one's face (from), avoid meeting (someone)

daa.ii ke aage peT kaa parda

dil chhupaanaa

jiiv chhupaanaa

mu.nh chhupaanaa

raaz chhupaanaa

shanaaKHt chhupaanaa

To hide your identity

paT se

at once, quickly, instantly

'aib chhupaanaa

saath so kar mu.nh chhupaanaa

daaman me.n chhupaanaa

halkaa saa peT rahnaa

nazaro.n me.n Gubaar chhupaanaa

laakh pardo.n me.n chhupaanaa

saat pardo.n me.n chhupaanaa

daaman tale chhupaanaa

cover, screen, conceal or hide

girebaa.n me.n mu.nh chhupaanaa

kafan me.n mu.nh chhupaanaa

jii chhupaanaa

juutaa chhupaanaa

a convention in Indian marriages in which the bride's sisters hide the groom's shoe and ask for money in return

jaan chhupaanaa

sar chhupaanaa

satr chhupaanaa

mohabbat chhupaanaa

nazro.n se chhupnaa

mu.nh ko chhupaanaa

naaKHun chhupaanaa

Meaning of daa.ii se peT chhupaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

daa.ii se peT chhupaanaa

दाई से पेट छुपानाدائی سے پیٹ چُھپانا

Critique (daa.ii se peT chhupaanaa)




English meaning of daa.ii se peT chhupaanaa


  • attempt to conceal from one who is in the know

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