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apne aap me.n na samaanaa

apne me.n na samaanaa

aap me.n na samaanaa

apne aap me.n na honaa

apne aap me.n aanaa

apne aap me.n rahnaa

kap.Do.n me.n na samaanaa

be very happy, not to contain oneself for joy

nazar me.n na samaanaa

ghar me.n na samaanaa

to have more than one's place to keep

aap apne baav.n me.n kulhaa.Dii maarnaa

aap apne haal me.n honaa

to be busy with one's own troubles

pairaahan me.n na samaanaa

tan me.n na samaanaa

jaama me.n na samaanaa

aape me.n na samaanaa

apas me.n na samaanaa

apne me.n na rahnaa

apne me.n na honaa

aap apne haq me.n kaanTe bonaa

peT me.n dam na samaanaa

jii badan me.n na samaanaa

dam siine me.n na samaanaa

peT me.n saa.ns na samaanaa

aap me.n na rahnaa

aap me.n na honaa

pairaahan me.n phuulaa na samaanaa

peT me.n baat na samaanaa

jaame me.n phuulaa na samaanaa

be overjoyed

jaama me.n phuulaa na samaanaa

KHushii se pairahan me.n na samaanaa

aap apne daam me.n aa jaanaa

hoist with (or by) one's own petard

jo apne kaam na aa.e vo chuulhe me.n jaa.e

sone kii kaTaarii kisii ne apne peT me.n na maarii

baarah gaa.nv kaa chaudharii assii gaa.nv kaa raav, apne kaam na aave to aisii taisii me.n jaav

ye to sikshaa saadh kii nihche chit me.n laa, bhed na apne jiyo kaa auro.n ko batlaa

aaTh gaa.nv kaa chaudhrii aur baarah gaa.nv kaa raav, apne kaam na aa.e to aisii taisii me.n jaa.o

saa.ii.n apne chitt kii bhuul na kahiye koy, tab lag man me.n raakhiye jab lag kaaraj hoy

don't share your strategy. silence is a source of great strength, the less people know about your plans, the less they can interfere with them, not everyone needs to know the details of your journey. Stay low-key and let your success speak for itself, plans are best kept secret until they are accomplished. Protect your dreams and make them a reality

aap se chaar barsaate.n mai.n ne zyaada dekhii hai.n

I am clever than you, I am smarter than you are

saa.ii.n ke darbaar me.n ba.De ba.De hai.n Dher, apnaa daanaa biin le jis me.n her na pher

learn to be content with what you have, we should be content with what life gives us, the art of being happy is to be satisfied with what you have

apnii murGii burii na ho to hamsaa.e me.n anDaa kyo.n de

maa.n ko na baap ko jo banegii so aap ko

sudh budh naa kho apnii , baat le merii maan , is duniyaa rahnaa nahii.n mat ho anjaan

jab tuu nyaay kii gaddii par baiThe to apne man se taraf-daari laalach aur krodh ko duur kar

Meaning ofSee meaning apne aap me.n na samaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

apne aap me.n na samaanaa

अपने आप में न समानाاَپْنے آپ میں نَہ سَمانا


अपने आप में न समाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • जामे से बाहर हो जाना (उमूमन ख़ुशी में

اَپْنے آپ میں نَہ سَمانا کے اردو معانی

  • جامے سے باہر ہو جانا (عموماً خوشی میں)

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apne aap me.n na samaanaa

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