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aa.nto.n me.n bal pa.Dnaa

a.nt.Diyo.n me.n bal pa.Dnaa

mizaaj me.n bal pa.Dnaa

dil me.n bal pa.Dnaa

peshaanii me.n bal pa.Dnaa

expresses the sadness from facial expressions

aa.nt me.n bal pa.Dnaa

tabii'at me.n bal pa.Dnaa

abruu me.n bal pa.Dnaa

jabiin me.n bal pa.Dnaa

peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

be convulsed with laughter, have a twisting pain in stomach due to hunger

aa.iine me.n baal pa.Dnaa

chiinii me.n baal pa.Dnaa

ha.ns-ha.ns kar peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

ha.nste ha.nste a.nta.Diyo.n me.n bal pa.Dnaa

laugh long and uncontrollably

ha.nsii se peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

ha.nsii ke maare peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

ha.nste ha.nste peT me.n bal pa.Dnaa

peT me.n ha.nste ha.nste bal pa.Dnaa

to be convulsed with laughter

aa.nto.n kaa bal kholnaa

aa.nto.n kaa bal khulnaa

aa.nte.n gale me.n pa.Dnaa

aa.nto.n ke bil khulnaa

eat well

bal pa.Dnaa

become broken

khal bal pa.Dnaa

baal pa.Dnaa

to have a crack (in), be cracked (china)

tevrii par bal pa.Dnaa

tevar par bal pa.Dnaa

peshaanii par bal pa.Dnaa

bhau.n par bal pa.Dnaa

face to show anger, disapproval to be seen

maathe par bal pa.Dnaa

abruu par bal pa.Dnaa

to frown

tevarii me.n bal pa.Daa

daaG-bel pa.Dnaa

begin, start, initiate, lay the foundation

laaD me.n aave kak.Dii bal bal jaave kavvaa

laaD me.n aa.e kak.Dii bal bal jaa.e kavvaa

shamshiir me.n bal pa.D jaanaa

bel pa.Dnaa

peT me.n bal pa.D pa.D jaanaa

dil me.n bal Daalnaa

dil me.n bal rakhnaa

tevrii me.n bal honaa

aa.nto.n kaa qul huvallaah pa.Dhnaa

feel very hungry

aa.nto.n kii diq

tabii'at me.n bal honaa

bal me.n aanaa

dha.D me.n pa.Dnaa

jhag.Do.n me.n pa.Dnaa

la.Dtii me.n pa.Dnaa

ga.Dhe me.n pa.Dnaa

chithaa.D me.n pa.Dnaa

kha.Daag me.n pa.Dnaa

jhag.De me.n pa.Dnaa

dushvaarii me.n pa.Dnaa

me.n bal Daalnaa

daa.nv me.n pa.Dnaa

diqqat me.n pa.Dnaa

get into trouble or difficulty

qaziyya me.n pa.Dnaa

iltavaa me.n pa.Dnaa

dubdhaa me.n pa.Dnaa

KHadshe me.n pa.Dnaa

become worried, anxious or apprehensive

Meaning ofSee meaning aa.nto.n me.n bal pa.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

aa.nto.n me.n bal pa.Dnaa

आँतों में बल पड़नाآنْتوں میں بَلْ پَڑْنا


आँतों में बल पड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • अत्यधिक हँसी के कारण पेट में सिल्वटें पड़ना, आँतों का दुखने लगना

آنْتوں میں بَلْ پَڑْنا کے اردو معانی

  • زیادہ ہن٘سی کے مارے پیٹ میں شکنیں پڑنا، آن٘توں کا دکھنے لگنا

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aa.nto.n me.n bal pa.Dnaa

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