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income, revenue, takings,

aamadanii ke sar sehraa hai


swell, overflow



or a crowd to scatter in a torrential way



current income

uma.Dnaa ghuma.Dnaa

uupar kii aamadanii

income from bribe, commision, etc.

mahsuul kii aamadanii




source of income



income tax

nii.nd umaDnaa

kardanii KHvesh aamdanii pesh, na kii ho to kar dekh

As you sow so shall you reap

nii.nd uma.nDnaa

dariyaa-e-ashk uma.nDnaa

lashkar-lashkar uma.nDnaa

chhaatii umaDnaa

ashk umaDnaa

tuufaan umaDnaa

tabii'at umaDnaa

baadal uma.nDnaa

rain clouds to gather

dariyaa uma.nDnaa

aa.nsuu umaDnaa

tears to well up, eyes to fill up with tears

dal uma.nDnaa

tuufaan uma.nDnaa

lashkar uma.nDnaa

zamaana uma.nDnaa

shahr uma.nDnaa

aa.nsuu uma.nDnaa

tears to well up, eyes to fill up with tears

assii kii aamdanii chauraasii kaa KHarch

living beyond means

jii umaDnaa

ghaTaa umaDnaa

rain clouds to overcast

mauj umaDnaa

sail umaDnaa

ghaTaa uma.nDnaa

rain clouds to overcast

mauj uma.nDnaa

abr uma.nDnaa

kalejaa uma.nDnaa

joban uma.nDnaa

jii uma.nDnaa

aa.nkhe.n uma.nDnaa

jitnii aamadnii utnaa KHarch

kaleja uma.nDnaa

KHuun kaa samandar uma.nDnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning aamadanii in English, Hindi & Urdu



Also Read As - aamdanii

Origin: Persian

English meaning of aamadanii

Noun, Feminine

  • income, revenue, takings,
  • news of arriving and coming
  • (archaic) coming
  • profits, gains, dividends, earnings, returns

    Example - Zaraa'at hi hamari asl aamadni ka zaria hai

  • produce of land, yield, out-turn, income, fruit
  • proceeds
  • gain, profit, advantage, benefit
  • revenue, income, incomings, receipts
  • product, produce, profit, advantage


  • emerging, arising, surfacing, happening, occurring, appearing, materializing, coming up, springing (up), cropping (up), coming

Sher Examples

आमदनी के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • आय, लगान, प्राप्ति, नफ़ा
  • आने की ख़बर
  • आने की क्रिया, आना (प्राचीन)
  • लाभ, कमाई, फ़ायदा

    उदाहरण - ज़राअत ही हमारी आमदनी का अस्ल ज़रिआ है

  • उत्पत्ति, पैदावार
  • आयात
  • फल अथवा नतीजा
  • परिणाम अथवा निष्कर्ष


  • आने वाला, स्पष्ट होने वाला

آمَدَنی کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • محاصل، مداخل، یافت، نفع، خرچ اور نقصان کی ضد
  • آنے کی خبر
  • آمد، آنا (قدیم)
  • کمائی، نفع، منافع، فائدہ، حاصل

    مثال - زراعت ہی ہماری آمدنی کا اصل ذریعہ ہے

  • پیداوار، پیدائش
  • درآمد
  • منفعت
  • حصول


  • آنے والا، ظہور پذیر ہونے والا

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