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vuzuu TuuTnaa

the purity or efficacy of one's devotions to be destroyed



vuzuu to.Dnaa

do something necessitating renewal of ablutions

vuzuu baa.ndhnaa

guuz par guuz, vuzuu par vuzuu

vuzuu saaznaa

chha.Dii TuuTnaa

jab.Daa TuuTnaa

go.D TuuTnaa

be disappointed, to have all spirit taken out of one, be utterly discouraged

ga.Dhii TuuTnaa

conquer the fort, the defeat of the fortress,

go.De TuuTnaa

vuzuu farmaanaa

darvaaza TuuTnaa

ha.Dtaal TuuTnaa

pahaa.D TuuTnaa

abundance of grief and sorrow

e'tiqaad TuuTnaa

vishvaas TuuTnaa

qadam TuuTnaa

taa.ntvaa TuuTnaa

paa.nv TuuTnaa

vazaarat TuuTnaa

Gazab TuuTnaa

'ahd TuuTnaa

breaking of promise, to perjure

gavaah TuuTnaa

a witness to go back on his statement

'ilaaqa TuuTnaa

vuzuu karaanaa

vuzuu banaanaa

vuzuu aanaa

vuzuu karnaa

Perform your ablution, according to religious custom washing face, hand and feet to offering prayer

daa.nt TuuTnaa

shiiraaza TuuTnaa

mu'aahada TuuTnaa


to be broken, fractured, cracked, damaged


mu.nh TuuTnaa

qil'a TuuTnaa

aa'zaa TuuTnaa

fitvaa TuuTnaa

quful TuuTnaa

baa.nh TuuTnaa

be without friends or helpers, lose one's prop or support

vuzuu honaa

Garra TuuTnaa

haDDiyaa.n TuuTnaa

faaqa TuuTnaa

Gussa TuuTnaa

masaa.ib TuuTnaa

baa.iisii TuuTnaa

vuzuu saaz karnaa


abluted, cleansed, purified

sharm TuuTnaa

badan TuuTnaa

suffer from racking body pain, a sign of weariness or illness

dam TuuTnaa

be out of breath, be unable to hold (one's) breath

hashr TuuTnaa

dhyaan TuuTnaa

kachchii TuuTnaa

removing virility at a young age

gardan TuuTnaa

badan TuuTnaa

lashkar TuuTnaa

jaaduu TuuTnaa

dil TuuTnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning vuzuu TuuTnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

vuzuu TuuTnaa

वुज़ू टूटनाوُضُو ٹُوٹْنا


Root word: vuzuu

Tags: Figurative

English meaning of vuzuu TuuTnaa

Compound Verb

  • the purity or efficacy of one's devotions to be destroyed
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وُضُو ٹُوٹْنا کے اردو معانی

فعل مرکب

  • نیت میں فرق آنا ، ارادہ بدل جانا ۔
  • کوئی ایسی صورت پیش آنا (مثلا ًاخراج ریح یا بول وغیرہ) جس سے شرعا ًوضو قائم نہیں رہتا ، وضو جاتا رہنا ، وضو ختم ہوا ، وضو کی حالت باقی نہ رہی ، طہارت قائم نہ رہنا
  • ۔وضو جاتا رہنا۔ طہارت قائم نہ رہنا ۲۔(کنایۃً) نیت میں فرق آنا۔؎

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vuzuu TuuTnaa

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