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vo bhii kyaa din the

those were the days, how good were those times

vo din kyaa the

those were the days

vo din bhii Ganiimat the

those were the days!

haa.e vo bhii kyaa zamaana thaa

kyaa din the

vo kaun din the

what a wonderful and beautiful days those were

vo din ga.e jab KHaliil KHaa.n faaKHta u.Daayaa karte the

gone are the days of luxury and prosperity

vo din bhii aa.e

vo din bhii aa.e

ga.e vo din jo KHaliil KHaa.n faaKHta maarte the

vo bhii din ho

vo bhii din hogaa

vo din ga.e jab KHaliil KHaa.n faaKHta maaraa karte the

vo din ga.e jo bhai.ns pakau.De hagtii thii

vo din guzar ga.e ki pasiina gulaab thaa

vo bhii kuchh aisaa to na thaa

kyaa kyaa iraade the

kyaa paTaak pa.De the

kabhii to hamaare bhii ko.ii the

vo din kahaa.n

those days have gone!

vo kamlii hii nahii.n jis me.n til ba.ndhte the

ham bhii hai.n vo bhii hai.n

KHudaa vo din dikhaa.e

vo bhii gha.Dii ho

vo din aaj kaa din

vo din yaad karo

remember those days, remember that era and time, don't forget your past

vo din havaa hu.e

KHudaa vo din laa.e

vo bhii

vo din nahii.n rahe

those days are gone

vo to ham samjhe hii the

vo din aur aaj kaa din

never since then, never after

vo din aur aaj kaa din

kyaa kam the

KHudaa vo din kare

may God bring forth that day when our wishes would fulfill

sau puule kaaTe vo bhii baraabar , hazaar kaaTe vo bhii baraabar

vo din havaa ho ga.e

vo kyaa kahe.nge

kaun din the

vo din ga.e

those days are gone, gone are the days

jis din khiil bataase barse the

saahuu baTe vo bhii saah

vo to bahtaa dariyaa thaa

he was very generous

kyaa aag lene aa.e the

vo din lad ga.e

khaa.e par khaayaa, vo bhii ga.nvaayaa

vo din guzar ga.e

ye bhii meraa vo bhii meraa

(said unjustly) everything is mine

vo manDhii hii jaatii rahii jahaa.n atiit rahte the

kyaa bigaa.Daa thaa

vo din Dubbaa ki gho.Dii cha.Dhaa kubbaa

vo kyaa chiiz hai

vo din hai aur aaj kaa din hai

ek anDaa vo bhii gandaa

ek anDaa vo bhii ganda

only one egg and that too rotten

jis ne ko.Daa diyaa , vo gho.Daa bhii degaa

vo bhii na hu.aa

duniyaa bhii ga.ii diin bhii

Gulaam saaTh to vo bhii haaTh

vo kyaa kahne lage

they said, they reacted such that!

Meaning ofSee meaning vo bhii kyaa din the in English, Hindi & Urdu

vo bhii kyaa din the

वो भी क्या दिन थेوُہِ بھی کیا دِن تھے


English meaning of vo bhii kyaa din the


  • those were the days, how good were those times
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वो भी क्या दिन थे के हिंदी अर्थ


  • क्या अच्छा ज़माना था

وُہِ بھی کیا دِن تھے کے اردو معانی


  • کیا اچھا زمانہ تھا

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vo bhii kyaa din the

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