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savaab me.n daaKHil honaa

maidaan me.n daaKHil honaa

nikaah me.n daaKHil honaa

mizaaj me.n daaKHil honaa

ghuTTii me.n daaKHil honaa

sohbat me.n daaKHil honaa

na.ii duniyaa me.n daaKHil honaa

marhale me.n daaKHil honaa

tiinat me.n daaKHil honaa

to have in one's nature

phaaTak me.n daaKHil honaa

mahal me.n daaKHil honaa

bhaat de kar zaat me.n daaKHil honaa

suu.ii ke naake me.n uu.nT daaKHil honaa

u.nglii ko KHuun lagaa kar shahiido.n me.n daaKHil honaa

murdo.n me.n daaKHil karnaa

savaab honaa

daaKHil honaa

be inserted, be filed

aspataal me.n daaKHil karnaa

hospitalize, admit to a hospital

phaaTak me.n daaKHil karnaa

chhuuTe daaKHil honaa

mizaaj me.n daKHl honaa

savaab na 'azaab kamar TuuTii muft me.n

said on the occasion when labour and hard work brings no reward, all in vain, useless toil


right course, proper, virtuous action rectitude, right saying or doing, a just or virtuous act, rectitude, right way or course


requital, or reward (especially, of obedience to God); the reward of virtue in the future state; a meritorious or virtuous act


admitted, enter, join, within



savaab jaan.naa



discretion, approval, good opinion, advisability, expediency

savaab baKHshnaa

granting rewards for good deeds





good and bad

savaab pahu.nchaanaa

savaab pahu.nchnaa

me.n Te.Dhaa honaa

me.n Te.Dh honaa



right place or opportunity


savaab paanaa

savaab kamaanaa

earning rewards in exchange of one's good deeds

savaab luuTnaa

savaab karnaa

savaab lenaa

savaab milnaa

'iddat me.n honaa

me.n daaG honaa

gardish me.n honaa

me.n tho.De-tho.De honaa

muqaddar me.n honaa


dau.D-dhuup me.n honaa

paa.nv me.n be.Dii honaa

'azaab me.n honaa

havaaso.n me.n honaa

nii.nd me.n honaa

qabze me.n honaa

sadaqa me.n honaa

Meaning of savaab me.n daaKHil honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

savaab me.n daaKHil honaa

सवाब में दाख़िल होनाثَواب میں داخِل ہونا

Critique us (savaab me.n daaKHil honaa)





सवाब में दाख़िल होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • नेकी और भलाई के काम में शरीक होना, सवाब हासिल करना

ثَواب میں داخِل ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • نیکی اور بھلائی کے کام میں شریک ہونا ، ثواب حاصل کرنا .

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