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savaab baKHshnaa

granting rewards for good deeds

jo.Daa baKHshnaa


right course, proper, virtuous action rectitude, right saying or doing, a just or virtuous act, rectitude, right way or course


requital, or reward (especially, of obedience to God); the reward of virtue in the future state; a meritorious or virtuous act


to forgive, grant, confer, bestow, excuse, pardon, condone

faa.ida baKHshnaa

'izzat baKHshnaa

dhaare.n baKHshnaa

tavaanaa.ii baKHshnaa


vaq'at baKHshnaa

taa'viiz baKHshnaa

to offer amulet, to give permission to write amulets

vujuud baKHshnaa

to bring about, to incarnate, bring to existence

zindagii baKHshnaa

mu.nh baKHshnaa

shifaa baKHshnaa

sharf baKHshnaa

confer a dignity, grant a favour

nafa' baKHshnaa

vus'at baKHshnaa

to expand, make elaborate

mu.nh baKHshnaa



savaab jaan.naa

madad baKHshnaa

duudh baKHshnaa

taraavat baKHshnaa

raunaq baKHshnaa

pa.Dh ke baKHshnaa

recite the Holy Qur'an or prayer to convey its beneficence to someone else (esp. a dead one)

gunaah baKHshnaa

absolve or pardon a sin


discretion, approval, good opinion, advisability, expediency

nuz.hat baKHshnaa




masarrat baKHshnaa


good and bad

savaab pahu.nchaanaa

savaab pahu.nchnaa


right place or opportunity


savaab paanaa

savaab kamaanaa

earning rewards in exchange of one's good deeds

savaab luuTnaa

savaab karnaa

savaab lenaa

savaab milnaa


neg baKHshnaa

KHuun baKHshnaa

nuur bakhshnaa

itmiinaan baKHshnaa


aabruu baKHshnaa

confer honour, exalt

raahat baKHshnaa

to desire repose, need rest

jii baKHshnaa

najaat baKHshnaa

kahaa-sunaa baKHshnaa


not right, wrong, bad, sinful


proper, good

savaab honaa

hausala baKHshnaa

rutba baKHshnaa

mohlat baKHshnaa

Meaning of savaab baKHshnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

savaab baKHshnaa

सवाब बख़्शनाثَواب بَخْشْنا

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Root word: savaab

English meaning of savaab baKHshnaa


  • granting rewards for good deeds
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सवाब बख़्शना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • कार-ए-ख़ैर का सिला देना
  • तिलावत या ख़ैरात का जो अज्र शिरा की रो से मुतवक़्क़े है वो नाम बनाम किसी मर्दे या मर्दों को हिबा करना, मरे होने को सवाब पहुंचाना

ثَواب بَخْشْنا کے اردو معانی


  • تلاوت یا خیرات کا جو اجر شرع کی رو سے متوقع ہے وہ نام بنام کسی مردے یا مردوں کو ہبہ کرنا ، مرے ہونے کو ثواب پہن٘چانا .
  • کار خیر کا صلہ دینا
  • ۔۱۔کار خیر کا صلہ دوسرے کو دینا۔ ۲۔فاتحے دروٗد کا ثواب دوسرے کو دینا۔

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