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sar ko paka.D kar baiTh jaanaa

dil paka.D kar baiTh jaanaa

jaka.D-paka.D kar baiTh jaanaa

sar paka.D kar baiThnaa

sabr-o-shukr kar ke baiTh jaanaa

pair to.D kar baiTh jaanaa

haath-paa.o.n to.D kar baiTh jaanaa

sar thaam ke baiTh jaanaa

dil thaam kar baiTh jaanaa

chhaatii paka.D kar rah jaanaa

be overwhelmed with grief, grieve or mourn in silence

kaan paka.D kar rah jaanaa

dam ko le kar baiTh rahnaa

ho.nT sii kar baiTh jaanaa

haath me.n qalam le kar yaa paka.D kar rah jaanaa

pho.Daa baiTh jaanaa

healing or subsidence of a boil

gu.D baiTh jaanaa

paka.D jaanaa

jahaa.n tel dekhaa vahii.n ko baiTh ga.ii

god me.n baiTh kar daa.Dhii nochnaa

subtly abuse one's benefactor

pe.nde ke bal baiTh jaanaa

to flop down, to sit in such a manner that bottom goes down first, to be subdued

bhas-bhasaa ke baiTh jaanaa


rone-dhone baiTh jaanaa

gard-baad baiTh jaanaa

diivaar-e-kaa'ba baiTh jaanaa

(met.) a great mishap to occur

puu.nchh paka.D kar chalnaa

Satirical: follow someone everywhere

jhaag kii tarah baiTh jaanaa

dil paka.D kar uThnaa

sardii baiTh jaanaa

dhaar baiTh jaanaa

become blunt

ka.nTh baiTh jaanaa

haath paka.D kar khii.nchnaa

lo.Daa paka.D ke rah jaanaa

aavaa saar baiTh gayaa

qabr baiTh jaanaa

halaq baiTh jaanaa

nazar baiTh jaanaa

jiv paka.D kar rahnaa

peT paka.D kar ha.nsnaa

laugh loudly and long

sar par laad kar le jaanaa

peT paka.D kar bhaagnaa

be greatly shocked, run nervously

jabiin paka.D kar baiThnaa

'amal baiTh jaanaa

'imaarat baiTh jaanaa

building to cave in

bhaTTaa baiTh jaanaa

chhaatii baiTh jaanaa

battiisii baiTh jaanaa

sar piiT kar rah jaanaa

diida baiTh jaanaa

gardan paka.D kar nikalvaa denaa

gardan paka.D kar uThvaa denaa

nashsha jhaag kii tarah baiTh jaanaa

tah me.n baiTh jaanaa

ro-piiT kar baiTh rahnaa

nasiihat dil me.n baiTh jaanaa

gardan paka.D kar nikaal denaa

kisii karvaT baiTh jaanaa

aa.nkhe.n andar baiTh jaanaa

kalejaa paka.D ke rah jaanaa

haDDii baiTh jaanaa

Meaning of sar ko paka.D kar baiTh jaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

sar ko paka.D kar baiTh jaanaa

सर को पकड़ कर बैठ जानाسَر کو پَکَڑ کَر بَیٹھ جانا

Critique (sar ko paka.D kar baiTh jaanaa)





सर को पकड़ कर बैठ जाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • सर पकड़ कर बैठना, आजिज़ आ जाना, तंग हो जाना, मायूस हो जाना

سَر کو پَکَڑ کَر بَیٹھ جانا کے اردو معانی


  • سر پکڑ کر بیٹھنا ، عاجز آ جانا ، تنگ ہو جانا ، مایوس ہو جانا .

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