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qaaruura milnaa

to be in harmony with, be great friends, be of the same nature as another person

qaaruura milaanaa

qaaruura la.Dnaa


round-bottomed flask or bottle

qaaruura aamez honaa

qaaruura me.n bhaale nazar aanaa

jo.Daa milnaa

pa.Daa milnaa

getting something for free

jo.D milnaa

have an equal or match

zaa.iqa milnaa

to acquire a taste for something

vaz' milnaa

to match styles

la.D milnaa

muvaafaqat milnaa

'izzat milnaa

mu'aavaza milnaa

vaziifa milnaa

nazre.n milnaa

vujuud milnaa

saavan-bhaado.n milnaa

andaaz milnaa

maqsad milnaa

aavaaz milnaa

paivand milnaa

vaqt milnaa

to find time to do something, to have time on one's hand

dimaaG milnaa

'iid milnaa


be found or obtained

davaam milnaa

ba.Do.n me.n milnaa

shahaadat milnaa

to find witness, to find evidence

zaa.icha milnaa

similarity of fate between two persons

mauqa' milnaa

an opportunity to present itself (to), to meet with, or to get, an opportunity

subuk-doshii milnaa

naqsha milnaa

sadqa milnaa

muzhda milnaa

dono.n vaqt milnaa

day to close and night to begin

dinner milnaa

humaa-navaa.ii milnaa

farishto.n me.n milnaa

lazzat milnaa

having fun or test, take delight or pleasure, to enjoy

faraaGat milnaa

shifaa milnaa

faroG milnaa

shah milnaa

nafa' milnaa

na.ii zindagii milnaa

tarjiih milnaa

be given preference, be given priority or precedence

salaah milnaa

thal be.Daa milnaa

u.D kar milnaa

do vaqt milnaa

vaar milnaa

to have time one's hands, to be free, unoccupied

dhuunii milnaa

bhed milnaa

rasad milnaa

nishaan milnaa

vaapas milnaa

obtain or get back, be restored

shikast milnaa

Meaning of qaaruura milnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

qaaruura milnaa

क़ारूरा मिलनाقارُورَہ مِلْنا

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English meaning of qaaruura milnaa

Arabic, Hindi - Compound Verb

  • to be in harmony with, be great friends, be of the same nature as another person
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क़ारूरा मिलना के हिंदी अर्थ

अरबी, हिंदी - यौगिक क्रिया

  • ताल-मेल होना, घनिष्ट मित्रता होना, दूसरे व्यक्ति के समान स्वभाव का होना, बहुत अधिक मेल-जोल होना

قارُورَہ مِلْنا کے اردو معانی

عربی، ہندی - فعل مرکب

  • موافقت ہونا، کمال اتحاد ہونا، ہم مزاج ہونا، میل جول ہونا

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